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02-27-2001, 10:20 AM
I know there are some PJ fans here and just wnated to get your reaction to the boots that have been released. I am a huge fan of these, for the non or casual fan...

Pearl Jam has released all 72 concerts on 2 CD sets from the 2000 world tour of Europe and North America.

They are spectacular (between my friends and our CD burner I own 44 of the 72 concerts)and another reason to absolutley love this band and the way they support their fans both through their Fan Club (Floor level concert tickets, bonus Christmas Vinyl Records) and now this Bootleg series. Also look for a DVD with concert footage from the 2000 tour.

And, if you have not seen them live you are missing one of the greatest live acts in music (without taking anything away from Dave Matthews Band). They sound better live than many of the studio cuts.

I love this band!!!

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02-27-2001, 06:00 PM
I got 3 from the European tour, 4 from NorthAm leg 1 (including Philly 1 which I saw in person http://www.collectstarwars.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif They played BREATH!), and ordered 4 from NorthAm leg 2.

The sound quality is outstanding, esp. US leg 1, practically studio quality! I've got other, umm, "unofficial" bootlegs, and the sound quality on just about all is HORRIBLE!

Plus you can't beat the price (if you're buying them, that is http://www.collectstarwars.com/ubb/images/icons/wink.gif ) $12.99 for a double CD of the whole show.

02-27-2001, 08:41 PM
I just bought the Nashville CDs tonight. It is great!! http://www.collectstarwars.com/ubb/images/icons/grin.gif

I was at that concert three rows from the stage!! It was awesome! http://www.collectstarwars.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif http://www.collectstarwars.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif
Now I have the whole concert on CD forever.
Thanks PJ!! http://www.collectstarwars.com/ubb/images/icons/grin.gif

02-27-2001, 09:49 PM
I went to the concert in East Troy, WI the closest place they came to Minnesota. the concert time temperature for the outdoor concert was 27 degrees. You could see Eddie's breath. He made a reference before Small Town how this like performing at a small town in Antartica.

My favorite boot so far has been the Hamburg show from the first leg. I also have the Philly show with Breath which was awesome and is a great show!!! Like I said I own alot of the concerts just through trading and such but how awesome and what a great tribute to us the fans. I can't wait to get my own personal boot of my own personal show and relive the night over and over, I'll second a thanks Pearl Jam!!!

02-28-2001, 05:04 AM
Does anyone know if any of their west coast stops are going to be coming out? I was at their Oct. 28th show in Devore and would love to get it on disc.

02-28-2001, 07:32 AM
If you are a Ten Club member you can order them now at www.pearljam.com (http://www.pearljam.com) or wait until the end of March when they are released nationally, the Euro Boots and first leg of North America have been released to stores as of yesterday.

Your concert is #66 of the 72 released this year it looks like, get it, you won't regret it!!!

02-28-2001, 08:34 AM
Actually, I think you can order them from the Pearl Jam site regardless of whether you are a Ten Club member or not. I haven't been a member since "Vitalogy" came out, but I ordered the Boise Idaho show (I was there...sixth row http://www.collectstarwars.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif ) with no problem. Now, if they hang on to it until the wide release in March or ship it to me ASAP is another question altogether....

I love Pearl Jam.

02-28-2001, 09:33 AM
I think Fan Club members get $2-$3 cheaper than non-club members, but for $10 you get a pretty cool newsletter, ticket preorders and a groovy vinyl exclusive record a X-Mas, plus $2-$3 off Bootlegs.

02-28-2001, 11:40 AM
I ordered my NorthAm 1 & 2 boots from http://www.pearljambootlegs.com

I'm not a member of the Fan Club, but I ordered the first day (~ 1/27) and received them the next week. I ordered my NorthAm 2 boots Monday (2/26) and expect to get them w/in a week.

One of the NorthAm 2 boots is a 3-CD set. I think it was their 10th anniv. show in Las Vegas. $15.84! For 3 CD's! Incredible!

02-28-2001, 11:48 AM
Its the last Seattle show that is 3 CD's, however the Las Vegas show is unbelievable. They played Crown of Thorns back from when Jeff and Stone were in Mother Love Bone, (which can be found on the Singles Soundtrack) and did an Elvis cover (Can't help falling in love with you) to pay homage to Vegas. These were on the 2000 X-Mas single.

Spiff brings up another good point how often can you get 2 CD's for $10??? What a deal!!!

02-28-2001, 02:33 PM
SG2K, I would galdly do that if I had the funds up front, I personally own 17 of the 72 CD's with 27 CD R's...its not a matter of not supporting the band it is a matter of buying 72 CD's when me and my buddies can throw it into the computer and make a quick copy (sure time is money but who says I'm sitting there watching it copy). I understand your point and eventually maybe I will buy them all but as a short term solution I don't see a problem with the CD R's.

03-01-2001, 01:43 AM
OK, the anal ex-record company employee chiming in here...
This is the kind of imaginative stuff Metallica could be doing if they weren't battling Napster. But, as always, I have a complaint, and it's not about Pearl Jam.
PJ has gone out of their way to do something cool and differnt for their fans. A casual fan can have the experience of a live show for less than the price of a ticket: 2 hours, 2 CDs, great sound quality and $12.00. You get a bunch of shows and track listings to choose from. It's the best of everything. And STILL people burn copies of their friend's CDs instead of forking out the additional 12 bucks to buy the CD. WOW, that really encourages the band to do special stuff for their fans.
At least with Napster, and yes, I've downloaded stuff there that I didn't pay for either, it's more of a "one-song-at-a-time" thing. I don't think that most people using the site download entire albums worth of songs. I may be wrong. For me, anyway, I get a song here, a song there, and make a compilation CD. I don't say "Hey, I'd really like the new Corrs CD" and then download the entire CD. I go buy it. However, if I wanted "Breathless" I'd download it.
I would encourage you... if you have a burned CD that you like, tell Peral Jam thanks by buying the real thing and tossing the CD-R. And if you have one that you hate, toss it, and let Pearl Jam know that you don't like it by NOT buying the real thing.

If you need more convincing, the cost of two CD-R's plus jewel cases and the time needed to either download and/or copy two CDs worth of music... it's practically the cost of the CD. And isn't your TIME worth anything? Save your time, and spend your money. You can always make more money, but once the TIME is gone, it's, er, history http://www.collectstarwars.com/ubb/images/icons/smile.gif

03-01-2001, 11:45 AM
They also played "Can't Help Falling in Love" in their Memphis show, as well.

I couldn't imagine buying all 72. I've been going through the setlists, and picking shows out where they play covers or rare songs, or where the overall setlist looks especially good.

I hope Pearl Jam continues to do this for each forthcoming tour.

FYI: they're also releasing a DVD from the tour in April, I believe...

08-09-2003, 12:03 AM
Okay, so, so far, I've got a total of seven of these so-called "Official" Pearl Jam bootlegs:

Four of the 2000 European tour
Two from the 2000 North Amerian tour
One from the 2003 North American tour


08-09-2003, 01:10 AM
I have:

All 72 from the 2000 Tour
And I believe 30 of the 2003 tour again from various friends and their tools of the "trade"