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07-31-2002, 07:46 AM
Can anyone tell me what happens in this? The first one was great! I've read part of it. Nom Anor is behind the ruling council. Massimo betrayed Mirith Sinn and Kanos rescued her from the strange things. What happened then?

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SPOILERS - Well, the rebels attack Grappa's palace and lock him up inside of his own home and then Baron D'Asta (father of Feena) attacks Carivus' base and there is a large battle. Kir and Mirith get inside and kill all of Carivus' men before Kir finally kills Carivus. It ends with Mirith and Kir kissing and him flying off in an x-wing, Grappa is taking by the Xo in their outrider-like cruiser to be eaten.

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You forgot the bit about the new death star images/icons/wink.gif