View Full Version : FYI-- Marvels 40% off!

05-25-2002, 01:06 AM
This isn't an ad (not by me, anyway). Just an FYI for those hot for Marvel Star Wars comics. Got an email from Mile High Comics (www.milehighcomics.com) that they're having a 40% off sale on all Marvel comics.

They didn't include a password in the email, so I'm guessing this sale doesn't require one (most of their sales do).

Excerpts from the email:

"Given that our inventory is now so robust, and that I'm really keen on beating our March total, I'm putting into effect a really big sale. For this holiday weekend only, I'm going to put all of our Marvel comics and magazines on sale at a full 40% discount. This sale will last only through next Tuesday, May 28th at noon (Mountain Standard Time). The only items excluded from this sale are upcoming releases, and new comics at our retail stores."

You can still take advantage of free postage, anywhere in the world, for domestic orders over $20, and International orders with a $50 minimum. This offer will end on this Saturday, June 1st. "