View Full Version : Don't waste your resources on SW #27 Starcrash comic

03-02-2001, 05:21 PM
I've been a long time collector and reader of Star Wars comics. I have been with the series since way back with the Marvel series.

I just picked up Dark Horse's Star Wars ongoing #27 (subtitled, starcrash) and was very disappointed. It is one of the worst Star Wars books put out in recent times. I was really worried when I looked at the cover and noticed a female that looked a lot like an elf (especially one from the D&D environment).

With 7 or 8 pages into the book, I realized that this is really set up like a Dungeons and Dragon adventure, rather than a Sci Fi epic. Yes, I know that Star Wars is fantasy and George was inspired by all influences (mythology, religion, King Arthur, etc), but this book is pretty poor.

The story is trite, the pace is rushed, the artwork is marginal, the characters are one dimensional, and the entire book just doesn't "fit" well in the Star Wars universe. Since this is a "one-shot," I am assuming that Dark Horse was either trying something different or needed a quick book to fill a month of the ongoing series.

My suggestion is to pass on this book, unless you are a completist. If you want to read some quality short Star Wars comic stories, spend your resources on the "Tales" books.

Anyone else pick up this book? If so, what are your impressions of #27?

03-04-2001, 11:55 AM
I felt right away just by looking at the cover that this was an attempt at drawing the manga style fans int othe SW comics. Artists seem to have a "vision" and try to cram it into the SW universe. We need more artists that focus on the story aspect, and not so much "original" design ideas.

03-04-2001, 04:17 PM

I agree that the the style seems forced (no pun intended) into the Star Wars universe. I, too, would love to see the focus on storytelling. Just keep it fairly related to the SW genre.

I am not a fan of manga, but I thought the manga adaptations of the Star Wars films were okay. I thought the E1 versions were rushed, but the others were done fairly well.

Thanks for your thoughts. Anyone else see, picked up, or read #27?