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02-27-2001, 05:18 PM
Fascinating item from theforce.net ~ two Australian authors have been chosen to write the "next three" SW novels: http://www.theforce.net/books/index.html#9509

The authors are Sean Williams and Shane Dix. These two penned a sci-fi trilogy called 'Evergence'. The first of the three, 'The Prodigal Sun' was released in the US as well, so my question is, has anyone read it and if so, what is your reaction?

The other item of interest in this article is how it refers to the next three (most likely NJO) as "Episodes Eight, Nine, and Ten". Did I miss Seven??? http://www.collectstarwars.com/ubb/images/icons/wink.gif

BHC Moderator, Books and Comics

03-07-2001, 01:15 AM
I'm not too sure about these people. Here is a listing of the New Jedi Order novels coming out through the end of 2002 and they're not listed here. There's absolutely no way in the world they're doing Episodes 7-9 since Lucas has repeatedly said these won't happen. Jim Luceno and Alan Dean Foster are working on prequel era books. I doubt we ever see anything in Star Wars from these Australian authors though.