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01-24-2001, 09:15 AM
I got this in my mailbox the other day:
"Dear Member,
We hope you've had a blast during WizardWorld.com's "no transaction fee"
promotion. Starting January 21, 2001, WizardWorld.com, we will start
charging standard transaction fees for successfully sold items on thesite.
However, just because the free promotion is coming to an end doesn't
mean the good times have to stop. Remember:
1) There's still NO listing fees. You can put up thousands of items for
sale at absolutely no cost -- the only time you'll get charged a small
transaction fee is if you successfully sell an item to a customer. What
have you got to lose?
2) It's always free to buy items on the site. Only sellers have a
transaction fee -- there is no additional fee for buying an item on
WizardWorld.com or setting up an offer to buy.
3) WizardWorld.com is still the best place on the Web to list your
collectibles for sale. With hundreds of thousands of collectors coming
to our site looking to fill out their collections, we remain the perfect
stomping ground for sellers looking to increase their customer base.
From here on in, we will be asking all of our members who are adding for
sale offers to the site to supply valid credit card information. For
those who have already registered and for items sold prior to midnight
January 20, 2001, don't worry, we won't begin billing your account
until January 20.
Although there will be no listing fee imposed on any offers that are
placed on our site, those items that are sold beginning January 21 will
be subject to the following standard transaction fee:
Closing Value Transaction fee$0 - $25 10 % of the closing value
$25.01 - $1000 10% of the first $25 ($2.50), plus 2.5% of the remaining
closing value balance
Over $1000 10% of the first $25 ($2.50), plus 2.5% of the next
$975 ($24.38), plus 1.25% of the balance.
This transaction fee will be charged once an offer to buy or sell has
been accepted. In the next few days we will be adding further details
to our Help Desk that will offer you additional information regarding
transaction fees, member accounts and billing. In the meantime, please
don't hesitate to contact our customer service department at
customerservice@wizardworld.com with any questions or comments.Happy Trading!
The Staff at WizardWorld.com"

Sorry for the long read but what do you think about this? Is 10% too much to charge?
The no listing fee is pretty good, plus you can leave your sale items up until they sell.

I would like some feedback on this because I was thinking of selling some comics over there. Thanks!

01-30-2001, 08:38 PM
Funny you should post. I checked the site out for the first time this weekend. I think the %10 fee is reasonable. They gotta make $ too I guess. Personally, I wouldn't buy off the site for the simple fact I have lots of success w/ EBay. But I guess I have no objections to Wizardworld. You're gonna sell it for what you want, and someone's gonna buy it for what they want. It's as simple as that.