View Full Version : Pepsi Yoda -vs- Blockbuster Yoda??

04-04-2002, 08:51 PM
I just purchased a Yoda statue, which, until now, I was under the impression was a pepsi Yoda statue, and missing its base. I talked to the person who I bought it from, and he said it was a Blockbuster Yoda, not a Pepsi Yoda. Up until now, I didnt even realize there were different statues. Could anyone tell me more about the differences between these two?


04-04-2002, 09:37 PM
Someone may definitely contradict me, but I think they are the same basic statue. I worked my *** off bidding on one of the Pepsi ones with the gray base,so I remember pretty well what he looked like inside the Piggly Wiggly that he was trapped in.

Well, about a year later I won one of the Blockbuster ones, and I think they were made by the same company. I seem to remember the black base with the nameplate being the same on the Pepsi one. By the way, I was lucky enough to have the store give me the cardboard base, the entry box, and several pads of blank entry forms.

04-04-2002, 10:49 PM
Did the Blockbuster version have a grey plastic base like the pepsi version? Im just trying to find out if I have the complete item: A Yoda who stands about 3 feet tall, on a black plastic or metal circular base, with a brassy plaque at his feet that says star wars episode 1 (or something along that line)

04-05-2002, 12:14 AM
I won a Yoda from Blockbuster as well and only got the Yoda on the black metal base. When I did get it, the bottom was still jammed into a piece of styrofoam that had a circle cut out of it for the metal base and the box was only big enough for Yoda, not for a stand as well. I've never heard anything definate but I was always under the impression that the Blockbuster version was the exact same thing as the Pepsi version only it didn't come with the gray stand. Hope that helps!

04-06-2002, 12:10 AM
The Pepsi and Blockbuser Yoda's, as I stated earlier, are pretty much identical, if not "clones" of each other. The difference was in the base.

The Pepsi base had the grey plastic base, but as I recall the Yoda (on the black metal base) simply sat ontop of the grey base. What's weird is most people assume the Pepsi Yoda isn't complete without the stand.

The Blockbuster yoda had a whole set-up, cardboard stand, box, etc. The weird part here is you rarely see the Blockbuster Yoda with the cardboard stand and it seems to be "complete" without it. The yoda also sat atop the stand, but was not attached to it.

If you would like a pic of the complete Blockbuster Yoda, email me (since I'm a ******* and have no idea how to link pics to this forum). The only part of the Blockbuster display I'm missing is the window-clings that were posted on the windows and doors.

04-06-2002, 02:09 AM
There's actually a slight difference in the make of the Yoda's too. The Pepsi Yoda, in my opinion, is superior to the Blockbuster Yoda (sorry). The Pepsi Yoda had darker, duller skin, while the Blockbuster one was a little brighter, and shinier. I bid and bid and bid trying to get a Pepsi one, before I finally convinced myself I didn't want one.

Of course, by not wanting one, I mean that I got tired of bidding and trying to find someone willing to take my $400 off my hands...

The gray base, which resembles his Jedi Council chair, if you look at it just right, is needed for the Pepsi one to be complete, but not the Blockbuster one. Both, in spite of the slightly different materials used to make him, used the same mold.