View Full Version : Solid cases of Qui Gon Jinn???

06-25-2001, 05:24 PM
Yeah, Ive seen enough first wave Ep1 to make me sick. Obviously they are not going to sell at the prices they are at. They should have one big sale one day where they let everything go for $.50. Sure they will take a hit, but how much of a hit are they taking now because they have no room to stock new stuff. I also wish that some brains would take over in some of these stores. If they would take the POTJ pegwarmers and clearence them out for the price they paid, they would sell guaranteed. This way new product is always there and the pegwarmers they clearenced wont be clogging up the pegs, and it will sell now that it is relatively new. Lets see them try to sell Porkins for $4 in a few months. We would all laugh, but if they did it now, he would sell.
At least some new product is making it to the shelves though.


06-26-2001, 12:21 AM
Thatīs the second KayBee Ive visited this week with nothing but Jedi Duel Qui Gon Jinn, both of them had three pegs full of Qui Gons, not even ONE different figure, and the weird thing is, this KBs both had a lot of different Pegwarming EP1 figures but they didnt have Qui Gon, the suddenly, all the figures are gone and thereīs nothing but Qui Gon Jinn!!!
Are they shipping Solid Cases of Qui just like they did with Maul!?

"I am the Lizard King!"

06-26-2001, 12:46 AM
Oh great (sarcastic tone). If that is the case, I don't even want to go check my KBs to see. I'd much rather see cases of Swimming Jar Jar, Sio Bibble, R2-B1, and other goodies (yeah, I know; who wouldn't???). What's next... full cases of Ody Mandrell? Yawn.

Sorry for the sarcasm. I'm just tired of seeing the same old E1 stuff on the pegs and shelves. If the stuff isn't selling for pennies on the dollar, why continue to stock it?

If they are going to have E1 merchandise for sale, let's see some of the better stuff. Or better yet, let's see some new POTJ. That would be a pleasant surprise.

Anyone else feel this way?