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04-04-2001, 05:17 AM
I have pretty much collected all I can in the EP I 3 3/4" stuff. I am seriously thinking about starting to collect the 12" line (ep I characters only). My main question is are they all in scale? Secondly are all those fancy queen dolls I see in the clearance bins 12" line? And did they make an EP 1 R2 D2? If not is there a decent one still around from the POTF2 days? Anbything else I should know befire I decide?

04-05-2001, 10:07 PM
All the guys are the same height, except for the Qui-Gon/Amidala boxed set, who should be an inch taller than regular Qui-Gon. Watto, Pit Droids, and the others are roughly to scale. I don't know about the Queen Amidala collection dolls, but they LOOK to be the same scale. There never was an Ep 1 R2-D2 in the Action Collection, and sadly, the best R2-D2 (that's R2 w/ tools) in the POTF2 Action Collection was a Wal-Mart exclusive and is not easy to find these days.

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