View Full Version : FS: A bunch of 6" figures

07-23-2018, 02:44 PM
Shipping will be $5. All loose figures will be shipped in bubble-wrap and in a box. Thanks!

Shock Trooper $25
Crimson Stormtrooper $25
Walgreens Vader $15
Darth Revan $15
Sabine + Hera + Kanan $50
Luke Skywalker (VII) $10
Qui-Gon + Obi-Wan (III) $45
Han Solo (IV) w/ broken Stormtrooper belt $15
2x MIB Sandtrooper (w/ Black Pauldron) $40 each
MIB Ahsoka $25

I will also add any of these figures to any purchase for an additional $5: Jyn, Cassian, Rey (VII), Leia (IV), Phasma, Death Star Trooper (original face).