View Full Version : Republic Elite New boxes with yellow inner blister and powdered bands. Value affected?

01-03-2018, 10:02 PM
I recently picked up a pair of EE Republic Elite boxes and they are in great shape. However due to the climate here, the inner figure blister have yellowed and rubber bands have powdered. It seems such a pair has a value between $350 to $400, which makes me unsure if I should open them for the lad/keep them as shelf queens/trade/sell them. If the value is greatly impaired I might be inclined to keep them or open them. The boxes do look great!

Any thoughts on situations such as this?

If trading, I'd be most interested in some GI Joe boxes.


01-04-2018, 02:52 AM
I got a carded TIE Pilot once, I forget what series, for an opener. When I opened it, the rubber band had cut into the hand, deforming it and the fingers, having been sealed for several years. I immediately thought about my EE Republic Elite Forces sets which are possibly the most expensive boxed items I have. I keep things in package and always prefer the best possible condition. And I myself have wondered what others would view as more valuable. Having it never been opened, though one day there could be deformation from rubber bands cutting into figures over years, or opening it up, removing rubber bands, and boxing it back up. It would no longer be 'unopened' new, but the figures themselves would be in better shape, having never had to experience the cutting/warping.

And as much as some 'true' collectors may argue value doesn't matter, or that carded collectors are just sellers in waiting, I do like my items to hold as high a value as possible, because I may have to sell them one day whether I want to or not. I think I might rather have the 'opened to remove rubber bands' situation over 'never opened but damaged by rubber bands.'

None of that directly answers your concerns, but I mention it as a personal example of similar thoughts that one has to consider, when trying to determine how people view such things.

I think in my case if the rubber bands powdered and fell away, I don't know if I'd consider that a big flaw or damage for unopened items. Because that would perhaps alleviate the constricting damage potential if it hasn't already happened. Now if they powder and land on or stick to figures and cause other damage like staining, then that may negate a percentage of that 'unopened' value. I'm not big on old/used, I prefer new or unopened, and in good clean quality, so I'm not a true purchaser of items showing wear and tear and damage. For me, yellowed or faded plastics or packages are an eyesore. I may put value into it being unopened as opposed to being played with or used, but wouldn't value the package condition very much. I most likely would look at something like that as a purchase for an opener, and if I wanted an unopened set I'd search for one without yellowed plastic. I'm not a Vintage collector but they'd hate me if I applied this to their world.

I guess it depends what value if any money means in your world vs play and family fun. You didn't say what you spent (not that you have to) but I might guess that the figures loose would still bring more than what the sets cost when they were initially available. Probably not the same as clean new and unopened boxes, but I think a lot of people became aware of them after they were sold out. If your lad would play with any figure, no attachment to these particular characters, I think I would hold onto them as something with a good value. You can always keep them as is until you get a number of inquiries. If you get a good packaged price let them go that way, or if someone wants to negotiate an opened price, maybe that will exceed any unopened, as is offers you've gotten. In other words, maybe you get very few quality hits for 'yellowed and powdered' unopened, but a number of good hits for loose.

I only speak for myself as one particular collector out there, but maybe something I said helps you formulate your position. And you did ask for thoughts so I hope you don't object to the length of my reply. Pictures will always help narrow judgements further than descriptions of items. One man's 'ugly yellow Eww' is another man's 'hardly worth caring about' tint.

01-04-2018, 08:46 PM
Thank you for the thoughtful feedback. I picked them up at a very reasonable price, if I wanted to flip them, even opened and minty, I could probably do alright. At the price I paid and the number of figures included, I could also let them become playtoys as well, but the lad is still too young to really appreciate them atm. In fact, I already had the Mandos from the non Dred pack and I let the lad play with them since I have repeats atm. He wanted to go bang/boom with them so I put them away. I let him go to town with 5POA Fetts though.

That box I bought last year, and opened, had a Hasbro ~$5 USD liquidation sticker on it, lol. (I didn't get them for $5 btw). Sold the Commandos, but now I have another set :p