View Full Version : Lots of Modern Star Wars Weapons!!

09-21-2017, 02:54 PM
Hey all, I have tons of weapons that I need to move out. I picked these up from a collection where a guy customized figures. This will be the first posting. All weapons are $1 each plus shipping. I'd prefer to sell more than 1 weapon to a person just so the shipping doesn't kill ya. I will invoice you via Paypal and I'll cover the fees since I am a business. I don't know all the names of these guns, so I apologize in advance. I'll add more as I go too. If anyone is looking for a certain weapon, you can contact me and I'll check to see what I have.

1. Battle Droid Blaster - Purplish Color - 2 available
2. Battle Droid Blaster - Black Color - 15 available
3. ?? - Solid Black - 14 available
4. ?? - Black with Blue Highlights - 1 available
5. Sandtrooper Rifle?? - Broken Trigger Guard area - 1 available
6. Endor Rebel Soldier - Black with Brown Strap - 1 available
7. Black Rifle with Gray Strap - 1 available
8. Black Rifle with Brown Strap - 1 available
9. Gray Rifle with Brown Stock and Black Strap - 1 available