View Full Version : Me entire DSD collection for sale..MOC, loose, pre-production, non-US, misc

04-23-2016, 02:16 PM
I have been a DSD collector for over 15 years and the time has come to part with all of it. I collected both vintage and modern and have acquired some very nice items over the years. I have already been in contact with some vintage collectors so I am posting this here primarily for the modern collectors. However, if you see some vintage items that you may be interested in, feel free to contact me as well. Some vintage items are already pending.

Here is a link to my collection so please let me know if you see anything that you are interested in. I am working on a full price list (it's a lot to sort through!) but feel free to make a fair offer. Shipping and paypal fees will be extra, but I only ask for actual shipping. Some items are in custom acrylic cases and will be included.


Again, everything is for sale...MOC, loose, promotional paperwork, etc. I have decided not to keep any of it. Thanks!

04-24-2016, 08:36 PM
You know the deal here on RS, JMiller. You need to post the prices. The whole contact me and make offere just doesn't fly and is against forum rules.