View Full Version : Star Wars Action Figure Collection Reduced price til 10-25-15

10-21-2015, 10:21 PM
Howdie all. I posted my collection for sale some moths ago at a higher price($3500). The only offers received on that asking price were for those that wanted me to ship it which is a far bigger task than I'm willing to tackle. So, The local pick up still stands for the following deal. Please take a look:

I have been asked to split the lot up multiple times to help lessen the financial burden but I was really trying to just sell it in one shot and be done.

Well, there is a new toy I want to get and this is the way to justify it. I am breaking the lot up in to 2 parts. One will be just 4" carded figures and then the rest that will be Deluxe sets, box sets, mail away/promo, vehicles, beasts and what ever else falls in to "not a carded action figure".

These are the same pictures from the previous post but broken down to how they will be sold. They are on my OneDrive cloud storage. Simply click the links to see the items.

Approximately 555 Carded Figures. That's only $4.14 per item with some good stuff in there. Not just the commons that most people try to sell


http://1drv.ms/1L4w8tq(Same as above but older pics.)

Everything Else- $800:
About 106 Individually packaged Items. That's $7.54 per item


(http://1drv.ms/1LExwXd)Some Checklist That I Kept

http://1drv.ms/1L4vRH8 (http://1drv.ms/1L4vRH8)

Or, for a very limited time, I'm willing to bail everything for $2800. That works out to be apx $4.40 per item. This deal will only last about until Sunday, 10-25-15.

Looking at the pictures, I did a count on what was there. In total, I come up with apx. 555 individually carded figures, 67 Deluxe/Multi-Packs, 13 Special/Mail-Away/Anniv./etc, 12 Cinema Scenes, 12 Vehicles, 4 Beasts. If you were to open all of the packaging and add up all of the figures, there would about 700 individual figures. Please note that my numbers may be off slightly but should be VERY close.