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06-16-2015, 10:32 AM

Good Afternoon! Below is a list of Modern-Era Star Wars figures I have for sale. ALL figures are LOOSE and have never been played with. They were either displayed very briefly or not at all. All come complete with their weapons, etc. Shipping costs will be VERY fair and will be determined based on the amount of figures you purchase…I do not gouge on shipping. Shipping will be for the United States ONLY, no exceptions. All figures come from a smoke-free home. First come-first served. I will respond based on the order I receive PMs. I will try to respond to you as promptly as possible, so please be patient. Serious inquiries only, please… I will NOT hold figures….Sorry, too many problems with people not following through. PM me with wants. Thanks for looking!

Evolutions 30th Clone Commander (Fall of the Republic): 7.00

Target Order 66 30th ARC Trooper (BLUE from Anakin 2-pk) (X2): 7.00 ea.

Target Order 66 30th ARC Trooper Commander (RED from Obi-Wan 2-pk): 7.00

Target Order 66 30th ARC Trooper (YELLOW from Master Sev 2-pk (X2): 7.00 ea.

Target Commander Bly (from Betrayal on Felucia Battle Pack) : 7.00

Clone Wars Tank Gunner Commander (from Anti-Hailfire Droid Squad Multi-pack): 8.00

ROTS Clone Commander/Battle Gear (GREEN-Super articulated): 6.00

ROTS Clone Commander/Battle Gear (RED-Super articulated): 6.00

Battlefront II Galactic Marine/Commander w/ heavy cannon (from Diamond Excl. multipack): 8.00

Kmart Exclusive Jodo Kast : 12.00

Legacy/Build a Droid Black Squadron TIE-Fighter Pilot: 7.00

Vintage Collection/ VC06: C-3PO (ORIGINAL, not reissue): 15.00

Vintage Collection Rebel Fleet Trooper: 8.00

Target Defense of Hoth excl. Hoth Rebel Trooper (clean shaven with wrap-around head-gear) (X2): 15.00 ea.

Legacy Jaster Mereel (from EE excl. Comic pack): 30.00 (OR BEST OFFER)

R2-N3 (from Royal Starship Droids set): 6.00

Third Party Warlordian Black Ops Commando (Mandalorian-Type figure): 6.00

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PM sent on the riot clone trooper.

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