View Full Version : FS: Saga Legends/Mission series loose figures

03-31-2015, 06:13 AM
OK, so I have to sell some items fast, just had a major financial crisis involving my car.

You get...
1 MS Sabine Wren
1 SL Jedi Temple Guard
1 SL Tie Pilot
1 SL Inquisitor
1 MS Stormtrooper Commander
1 MS Hera Syndulla

My prices average out to $10 a figure but that is because some of these I paid way over cost (JTG, Sabine, Hera) and some I got for cost at TRU. I've had nothing but good, pleasant transactions here and have been buying/selling for some time now on this forum. I believe I have a feedback thread as well...
$60 + $5 shipping anywhere in the US

Paypal only, and asap please(gotta change that damn timing belt!). Thanks!

04-02-2015, 10:00 AM
OK, nobody's biting on the lot so I'll individualize what I have left...

Sabine Wren(corrected paint)-SOLD
Hera Syndulla-SOLD
Jedi Temple Guard-SOLD
Tie Pilot-$7
Commander Grew-$7
Stormtrooper Commander-$8
C3PO + R2 together-$5
Agent Kallus-$7

prices do not include shipping which will be 3 dollars plus 50 cents for each additional figure anywhere in the US