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01-11-2015, 01:33 AM
Need to make room in my garage, so I'm clearing out several Micro Machines items. None of the Micro Machine pictures below are mine, but used just for reference. Mine look mostly the same with shelf wear and some tears when I tried to carefully remove the figures so long ago, as all have been opened before (except for the Droids set) and repackaged the best I could. I've made special notations next to some of the sets shown below for additional info. I know you must list prices in this section, but I honestly don't know the market value on these and imagine most here likely have them anyways. At any rate, I've indicated prices below (all negotiable) + actual shipping. Payment via PayPal (gift option to reduce fees....see my feedback for confidence). Please ask questions on any items. Thanks.

Micro Machine Head Playsets - $12 each
C-3PO / Cantina set (missing the clear plastic riser that Greedo and Han are secured in the blue bubble section...this is only for packaging and not part of the playset)

Chewbacca / Endor set

Darth Vader / Bespin set

Stormtrooper / Death Star set (white plastic has yellow discoloration, but not too bad)

Other Micro Machines
Millennium Falcon - $25 (missing small piece that holds the crane on the inside...I'm confident that I can still find this in my collection somewhere if it becomes a MUST!)

19 Vehicles - $15 (clear vehicle stands have yellow discoloration, stored in a baggie inside box)

Ice Planet Hoth - $10 (AT-AT legs are slightly bent out of shape from being in an odd position for so many years...these should be able to bend back in place)
I don't have the red insert in the bubble section...all figures are secured in a baggie

Death Star - $10
I don't have the red insert in the bubble section...all figures are secured in a baggie

Droids - $12 (never opened)

Other Promo Materials
$10 - 2' x 1' Pepsi promotional posters for Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition. Likely used in movie theaters provided by Pepsi. The same picture repeats twelve times for a 24' total roll.

$25 - 10' x 3' Pepsi promotional plastic (or is it vinyl?) banner for Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition. Likely used in movie theaters provided by Pepsi. I cannot find another like it on the internet. This has some tears in the folds of the blank white section (was this section used for signatures?)

$15 - West End Games Star Wars Miniatures...14 unopened blister packs + 1 opened set of a duplicate Bounty Hunter set. ******SOLD******