View Full Version : FS: Vintage Collection MOC's death star escape luke, royal guard, gammo guard, nien numb

12-15-2014, 11:48 PM
For sale, prices do not include shipping. I prefer to ship usps priority, but if you want first class to save money on shipping I can do that. I will only charge actual shipping costs, no handling fees.

I do ship worldwide.

PM me what you want and include your zipcode and I will reply with a total including shipping.

payment by paypal only.


vc14: sandtrooper unpunched $10
vc39: luke skywalker death star escape punched $15
vc53: bom vimdin unpunched $10
vc52: rebel fleet trooper $10
vc09: esb boba fett punched $20
vc08: esb vader punched $13
vc07: esb dak ralter punched $15 sold
vc03: esb echo base han solo punched $10 sold

vc01: dengar punched $13,
vc10: 4-lom punched #1 $10
vc10: 4-lom punched #2 $10
vc105: emperors royal guard unpunched $40 SOLD
vc114: orrimaarko prune face unpunched $10 SOLD
vc56: kithaba unpunched $10 SOLD
vc106: nien numb unpunched $15 SOLD
vc 21: gammorean guard punched $15 SOLD
vc104 lumat unpunched $12 SOLD
vc107 weequay unpunched $12 SOLD
vc55 logray unpunched creased card $8

12-16-2014, 12:23 AM
Pm sent to you!