View Full Version : B.M.F. missing bitz for sale

04-15-2014, 10:57 PM
Hey there y'all,

I have a few vehicluar modes of transport available for sail/barter
1) Obi-Wan's [White and Blue] Episode 3 Jedi Starfighter-K-B xclusive version with Obi-Wan figure [removed from box but compleat in open box]
2) Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter x3 opened with alternate B.A.D. domes [all all 3 Super Battle Droids/Missiles/2 Yoda's/1 Kai-Adi Mundi with eyepatch]
3) B.M.F. missing the following bits 'n' bobs:
radar dish
lower cannon
landing gear
training ball
rectangular floor panel
lower pull down gun
1 landing gear holder

I am asking for either 6 Disney Build-A-Droid 2-packs or $120.00 plus actual shipping costs to ship the ships.
Please P.M. moi

Spencer Dean Welch II?:>}