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03-15-2014, 09:34 PM
Super sad face..

Discovered this morning that somebody has lent something against my brand new Shaak Ti PF figure's lightsaber, when I moved it I was absolutely devasted to see the inner globe of the lightsaber has cracked through and now will not light up.
I would love a replacement and have only just contacted sideshow about it, but thought I whack a post up here, in the hope that somebody, somewhere may be able to help me out..

Can the inner tubes be fixed? How?
Does anybody know if sideshow keep replacement parts of this nature?

She still looks great, I am heavily disappointed in losing the light up feature.
Please contact me if you can help out somehow. Happy to cover the cost of a new one.


Edit: As a follow up to this post:
I have now heard back from Sideshow and sadly there are no replacement parts for Shaak Ti. No surprise but what I am now trying to source is a globe that matches the one used.
Can anybody provide realistic technical data on it, include actual size in diameter and length, and the current (power) strength of it. A supplier of these globes here locally are absolutely non-existent and have near exhausted all avenues of replacement tubes that I can think of.
Perhaps somebody who is handy in customising and experienced in electrical could mock something up?
Any help here would be great..

Devo'd.. still.

09-11-2014, 04:24 PM
We are in the same boat bro, when my statue arrived was the same problem, I wrote to the seller (in my case secretcompasscollectibles) and they sent me a new one and fully working

09-17-2014, 09:49 AM
You are lucky they had a replacement! I am happy for you that it worked out..

Trying now at sideshow freaks, there is some customizing of light up lightsabers for the 1/6 scale figures going on.. they look great!
Hopeful, fingers and toes still crossed..

Anybody have one they wish to sell? Hand/lightsaber/adapter part only please..

02-21-2016, 01:09 AM
After a good bit of time the lightsaber has been repaired!!

A greatly talented electronics guy named Bruno, located in canada, aka twisted melon, was a great help.

Yes it it took some time, (Australia to Canada) and a bit of cost but it's great to have it operational again.

a big thanks to the member who put me in touch with this guy from sideshow freaks. Very much appreciated.
Twisted melon do light up Sabres for 1/6th scale normally as a hobby, and side interest from his day job, this was the first 1/4 scale he attempted.

so delighted.

edit: if anyone needs contact info, please pm me.

02-21-2016, 06:47 AM
Show us some pictures (:

02-27-2016, 03:19 AM
As requested:

Images dont seem to want to upload to thread for some reason. See my gallery. 5 photos uploaded. Happy to answer any questions.

super happy face

edit: this was repaired roughly six months ago, I've just been incredibly lazy getting around to a follow up.

02-27-2016, 10:54 AM
Looks awesome. I dont see any wires? How does it work .. with battery? Nice work by Bruno.

02-28-2016, 05:46 AM
Yes as per original setup. There is a port around the back of the base if one prefers to have powered direct. I've always just used batteries. (3x AA in underside of base)
It was an option Bruno thought he may have to do if all else failed. I don't know how he did it, he's a wizard.
I personally removed the bulb, the wiring does run through the leg/body/arm, and out the bottom of the interior of the lightsaber hilt.
bruno sent me a small parcel containing the new bulb and connection to try it out before doing the major works, I remember he was concerned about voltage issues perhaps not lighting the bulb. If issues were found I feel he wanted to resort to a whole new wiring job that would have stemmed from the exterior of the lightsaber hilt. Much like he has done on 1/6th scale figures.
so glad he didn't have to resort to that, and got it repaired like new.

Really, still so stoked.
beleive me, a great more amount of care is taken around this statue now. Lol.