View Full Version : 2008 vintage millium falcon

06-30-2013, 10:26 AM
i am trying to clear out space in my place and i need to sell my 2008 saga millennium falcon. it is in great condition and all weapons lights and phrases work perfectily! the box was to big to keep and thats the only reason i removed the falcon from package. the landing gear is included as well as 4 figures! han solo bespin outfit, leia hoth gear, c-3po , and chewbaca. i am only looking for a fair price so im looking for 175.00 with 30.00 shipping. i would offer free shipping guys but when i went to post office to check how much it would cost to ship it would have been less profitable for me! i can send pics of the falcon if you like just send me your email address. i am at work right now but i will post pictures on here later today! I except only paypal! i will ship as soon asap but payment must be made first! this is a very big item and it is a true collectors piece! i meant to say it's 2008 legacy millennium falcon with working sounds and lights!