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12-20-2012, 05:33 PM
Selling of some of my older carded figures. Prices listed include shipping and I will only ship to the continental U.S., all transactions are made through ebay and for each figure bought slash off $2 for each additional. PM me for shipping details and such, tracking numbers are included. I will not full describe each item unless you ask, there is no point talking about a crease on a card if nobody wants the figure anyways. I can also ship figures loose, so if you want figures loose just ask me and slash $1 off the price for each figure.
The figures are:

New Blue Zutton/Snaggletooth OTC Cantina pack Looking to trade for VCs or TACs I need

Episode 3 greatest Battles Blue Royal Guard $9
Rots Red Royal Guard $9
Episode 3 Heroes and Villains Anakin Skywalker $8
Clone Wars No. 10 2008 Commander Cody $8
2008 Clone Wars No. 17 Destroyer Droid $10
2009 Clone Wars cw 22 Cad Bane $8
Star Wars POTF2 Expanded univers luke skywalker dark empire $8
2009 Clone Wars cw 19 obi won $8
OTC Imperial Trooper $11
otc Sly moore $12
otc yarua $10
otc bespin leia $8
otc rabe $12
OTC Dagobah Yoda $8
30th mcquarrie stormtrooper $9
30th Saga Legends 501st $9
ROTS wookie commando $10
Rots Blue senate guard $10
Rots shaak ti $10
Saga ayy vida $12
Saga wa-7 $12
ROTS #55 Pilot Gear Pilot $9
Saga Janus Greejatus $10
30th ANH Han Solo $8
Saga Chewbacca w/ electronic c-3po $10
SL 07 Princess leia Boushh disquise
30th ceremony Luke UGH $12
SL 22 Hoth Han $9
BD 43 Legacy Blue ugnaught $12

Loose figures, Loose figures are complete and have little to no damage, take $1 off for each additional figure purchased Figure List:
30th Sandtrooper (white pauldron, clean) $7
30th Han solo #11 $8
30th 501st Saga Legends 501st $8
30th po nudo $8

Coin List, coins include shipping cost and for each additional coin bought after any item will slash $.50 off the price off the coin
Coin List:

Galactic Marine coin X2 $4
Airborne trooper X2 $3
Anakin Skywalker #33 $2.50
Toche Biggs $2.50

I will update the figure list as items get sold and items come from a good collector looking for some extra holiday cash (Little late though)

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