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12-13-2012, 07:23 PM
I have a LOT of store displays from around Episode 1 and Episode 2 I am looking to get rid of.
I just do not have the space anymore.
All are from a smoke free and pet free home.
Id be glad to work out a deal.

All shipping prices will be discussed once I have your address, or local pickup near Atlanta

Two Clone Wars Clone Trooper Stand Ups - 40$ each
Great stand ups, however they do not stand well on their own. Both sides are printed the same, and fold in half for shipping.

measures 69" tall x 18" at widest point





Half - Hexagon Episode 1 Light Up display - 250$
This display is HUGE! It is three sided, the back is unfinished. Used to be a 6 sided stand up but half has been damaged and discarded. On top, the center has the star wars logo and Darth Maul and Queen Amadala on either side. With 4 D Cell batteries, the starts light up and twinkle. Figures are not included, just shown how it was displayed.
Qui-Gon not included, shown for scale reference. This was hard to photograph because of the large size and limited size of the room.

It measures total: 48" wide across the back, 18" deep from center front to center back (across the top) and each side is 21" long. 51" tall from top of base, not including character topper.
And the top images (base top to top of star wars logo): 17" tall and 64.5" long
Total height (base and topper): 68.5" tall




Half - Hexagon Episode 1 Light Up display Top Only - 100$
From the same display above, the header only. Its the same images of Maul, The Star Wars Logo, and Amadala. 4 d-cell batteries also make the stars twinkle Includes base topper, so it will keep its tri-sided (half hexagon) shape or can be displayed flat.
And the top images (base top to top of star wars logo): 17" tall and 64.5" long





Star Wars hanging Banner - 50$ each
Printed on thick cardboard, it is very glossy and eye catching. Not faded at all. Has two factory drilled holes at the top. Both sides are printed the same.
I have two of these. Figure is not included, shown for scale.
Measures: 40" wide x 36" tall




Large Darth Maul Hanging 3D Display - 150$
made of three sheets of thick cardboard, these originally hung from a store ceiling.
Features a background with foam spacing out an image of Maul. Predrilled holes for hanging from the celing.
One side is ripped, but since both sides are the same, it still displays fine.
Ep1 figure shown for size reference, not included.
Measures: 42" tall x 37" wide, 3.5" deep





Large Anakin Podracing Hanging Display - 150$
Same as Darth Maul, about the same size. Both sides are printed the same, flawless display. I have two of these, one is slightly warped however it hangs fine. Factory holes drilled in the background. Figure shown for scale, not included.
Measures: 44" tall x 37" wide, 3.5" deep

(note the slight curve at the bottom, this is the warping)


Large Queen Amadaila Hanging Display - 150$
Same as the other two, these three look GREAT displayed together. Both sides printed the same with factory drilled holes to hang it from.
Measures: 44" tall x 37" wide, 3.5" deep



Group Shot:

Episode 1 Lays Standee - 45$
I used this to display figures, although it was meant for chips. Figures not included. The star wars banner is taped on, and not part of the original display. Its printed all the way around.
Measures: 24"x23"x56"
SW sign: 29" x 6.5"

<img src="http://yaledesigns.com/sw/IMG_4685.JPG">
<img src="http://yaledesigns.com/sw/IMG_4687.JPG">
<img src="http://yaledesigns.com/sw/IMG_4688.JPG">

Episode 1 table top standee - 25$ or free with any other purchace
The smallest of my displays, this is a three sided "3d" display. Maul stands out from his base, as does Anakins pod racer and the naboo fighter
Measures: 14" tall




Episode 2 Half Display - 100$
"3d" display for Doritos 3ds (remember them?) Three levels, the background, Obi and Padmé, and Anakin on the foreground. Includes base. its HUGE! Printed on the background, on the opposite side, is non-3D Mace and Yoda. Figure is shown for scale purposes and not included.

Measures: 49" long, 24" deep and 37" tall





Battlefront Video Game 3D Stormtrooper Display - 100$
This is my favorite so far, the words could be cropped off the top of needed.
The Stormtrooper stands out thanks for a foam block 2" from the background.
The trooper is currently removed and can be taped or attached back, no damage was done to the background. The troopers "shadow" is printed on the display, to add to the 3d effect. Cool!
Measures: 27" x 39" (just the trooper: 34" x 20")





Star wars Demolition ceiling hanger - 50$
Who doesnt love boba fett? This mobile has a really nice hang hook built in and is printed the same on both sides.
boba fett tier: 14"x19"
Scout Walker: 13"x8"
STAP: 13"x11"


12-14-2012, 12:26 PM
How did you come by all of these?
Did you work at the store that had them on display?
Do you have any Force Unleashed?

12-14-2012, 03:04 PM
This is all I have. I do not work at any stores. Im just trying to make some extra x-mas money. I used to have a star wars room, and this really added to the room, but Ive had to downsize my collection.

I am open to offers as well.

12-29-2012, 12:55 PM
after x-mas bump. I need to sell so I can move.

12-30-2012, 10:13 AM
PM sent ...