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10-22-2012, 06:15 PM
Ok folks....I'm selling almost my entire collection, a few pieces at a time because it's easier....but my goal is to get rid of everything.

Scroll down to see what I'll be listing soon....and what's for sale RIGHT NOW.
For most of this stuff, the prices are total stabs in the dark based on what I think retail price used to be, or I went on Ebay and then listed mine lower. If it's unfair compared to what they're going for on Rebelscum....make an offer. I'd love as much as I can get for it, but on the other hand....I built this collection on Rebelscum and that's why I'm selling it here instead of Ebay. I want to give people here a deal like people gave me a deal back in the day.

Make me an offer and let's get this stuff out of my house!

Will I combine shipping? YES I will.
Discounts for people who buy a ton of stuff? SURE why not. You also get priority. The more you want to buy, the better.
Repeat customer discounts? I'll do that too....just ask. Anyone who has purchased from me and has left feedback in my trade feedback thread is eligible for some cash off today's sale.

First I'm selling some Hasbro ships!
Buy a bunch to save on shipping...I'm happy to use any carrier you like, and you'll pay just the actual, exact shipping cost, no markups from me. If you want insurance or speedy shipping, just ask and I'll buy it.

Today's ships for sale.

Added 5/30/13

Gunships, Gunships, Gunships!

http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_62821.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/showphoto.php/photo/277613/title/img-62821/cat/500)
Click to see all 5 in much larger glory
AOTC is 60
Clone Wars Sharky special 100
ROTS 100 (two available)

Clone Wars Command 100 (Sold)

VOTC Mail away packaging
http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_62552.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/medium/IMG_62552.jpg)

I don't think I ever opened this up to mail it away, but I'm not 100% sure. If you want it to display it, it looks pretty good.
I will sell it for 8 dollars OBO....OR it's free with purchase of 20 bucks worth of stuff. Warning, it's big...so take that into account for your shipping.

POTF2 landspeeder, New in the box (2 available)
10 bucks each? Less? Make an offer and it's yours.

http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_60631.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/medium/IMG_60631.jpg)
Click to make it BIG

OTC TIE Fighters X3.
I used to be really into army building and had several of these opened hanging from my ceiling at one point or another. These are the ones I bought but never put on display. 2 of them are in boxes that are pretty decent but definitely shelf worn. One is a majorly dented opener. How does 20 bucks sound for each of the decent ones, and 15 for the other? I'll go OBO on the prices... The deals are just crazy!

http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_6076.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/medium/IMG_6076.jpg)
By now you should know that if you click on this,
it'll take you to a bigger version of the photo.
I just like typing the instructions out.

ROTS Tri-Droid Fighter with Buzz Droid attack:
Yes, I army built these too...but I already sold all the loose ones. Here's the last one...it's in a pretty nice box. 15 bucks? Remember...I combine shipping, so if you want multiple ships, you're gonna get a deal.

http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_6075.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/medium/IMG_6075.jpg)
Click me!

OTC X-Wing Fighter: Next up for grabs is this little slice of OTC Heaven. It's in what I think I'm going to have to describe as an opener's box....but I'm willing to sell this sucker for 20 dollars OBO, which if I remember correctly is less than it was at retail...and quite a bit less than what those chumps on Ebay want. BUY IT TODAY!

http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_60731.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/medium/IMG_60731.jpg)
Click the pic, bro!

Very Soon I'll be adding:

I'll be listing a bunch of my Loose collections that I want to sell to single buyers if possible. Here's a sneak preview of what I'm going to be listing soon.

I have a loose collection of around 100 12" Hasbro figures that I'd love to sell in a lot (I'd do much less than 10 bucks a figure to a single buyer and include free shipping) but I'll eventually part them out.
I have a loose collection of the Palisades Muppets (the entire retail line and almost every exclusive they ever did). I need to figure out what I have before pricing that and listing it...but it's coming. Want an entire Muppets collection in one shot? Let's make a deal.

I have a loose collection of the WOS series of Simpsons figures....lots of environments. Pictures will be coming on those, but I'd love to sell that as a lot. It probably costs thousands...but I'd sell it cheap

Gentle Giant Bust ups...
Burger King promo toys from Revenge of the Sith and Attack of the Clones for pennies on the dollar.
Galactic Heroes

I need to turn this room into a home office.

http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_09553.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/IMG_09553.jpg)

My trade feedback is old...but as you can see, I've been buying, selling and trading on Rebelscum for over a decade now, whipper-snapper. You can always trust that things will go well when you're buying my stuff. :grin:

Stuff that SOLD:

Red Leader Death Star Trench X-Wing is SOLD!
Obi Wans Starfighter from Revenge of the Sith? SOLD!

A-Wing Fighter!
Box is fairly shelf worn. But you want this right? How does 20 bucks sound? OBO Baby. SOLD!

http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/2898/thumbs/IMG_62573.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/2898/medium/IMG_62573.jpg)
Click me to make me bigger

ROTS Huge Wing Tie Fighter, Sold!
POTF2 Jedi Luke and the Skiff? SOLD!

Revenge of the Sith General Grievous Wheel Bike
15 bucks? OBO. Or ANY offer.

http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_60651.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/medium/IMG_60651.jpg)
Click to make it BIG

Revenge of the Sith Anakin's Yellow Starfighter
15 Bucks? OBO

http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_6067.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/medium/IMG_6067.jpg)
Click to make it BIG

Clone Wars Army of the Republic Anakin's Jedi Starfighter: So, this is the original Clone Wars version of Anakin's Starfighter up for sale. This one is from the Cartoon Network Clone Wars...which was awesome as far as I'm concerned. Box is ok....maybe 15 bucks? Less? Let me know and it's yours.

http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_60722.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/medium/IMG_60722.jpg)click me!

OTC Red Y-Wing.
http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_6300.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/medium/IMG_6300.jpg)
If you put your mouse on it, it gets bigger.

I don't remember where this was exclusive to, TRU maybe? I probably bought it for 30 bucks...so that's how much I'll sell it to you for. OBO baby.
Plus actual shipping. It's an OK box, but let's call it an opener.

SOLD! UP for grabs is a pair of TRU exclusive Starfighters that had an unfortunate accident. These used to be MIB...and technically they still are "mint in a box", but to call these "openers" would be being incredibly kind. The closet I was storing them in sprung a leak at some point and the boxes apparently got waterlogged. They're all dry now, and the toys look great inside as far as I can tell....but the only way you'd ever display boxes this bad might be on an episode of hoarders. Seriously...they look like someone floated them in a river. The only reason I didn't open them and take pictures of them loose is I thought it was funnier this way.

Note: these are the versions of the ships that came with the pilots. See the loose versions here:

Rebelscum.com: Photo Archive (http://www.rebelscum.com/ROTS05TRUfighter.asp)
Rebelscum.com: Photo Archive (http://www.rebelscum.com/rots05obiwanfighterTRU.asp)

So, now that you've seen these boxes, let's agree to call these loose. I don't think you want these boxes. I'll open them for the winning bidder...and ship them to you for just 25 bucks for the pair. How's that sound? Decent? If not...make me an offer.

http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_6056.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/medium/IMG_6056.jpg)
Click to make it bigger

SOLD! OTC Sandcrawler: Previews Exclusive: I always meant to open this sucker and put it up on display, but I just ran out of room...so it sat in my closet for the last 8 years. It was stacked with all these other ships (I always opened my stuff, so I didn't think about preserving this for sale someday). It has scuffs on the plastic and a dent in the upper right corner, pictured here (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/medium/IMG_60702.jpg). The rest of it is just normal shelf wear...but if you're picky about box condition, you won't want this. I checked Ebay and these are pretty rare these days. I think 110 shipped is on the low end of Ebay, but make me an offer if that's too high a price. I'm a fair guy...and if you're buying multiple things, you definitely get priority.

http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/thumbs/IMG_6069.jpg (http://forum.rebelscum.com/photogallery/data/500/medium/IMG_6069.jpg)

SOLD! POTF2 Skiff with Jedi Luke! This wasn't listed in my ad, but someone asked if I had it, I did...and they bought it! Curious if I have something you might want? Ask me! Chances are, if it came out between 1995 and 2008, I've got one.

10-27-2012, 11:48 PM
Exclusive TRU Starfighters are pending sale.
Added 2 landspeeders, 2 ROTS ships....and listed a few more things that I'll be snapping photos of and selling very soon!

10-28-2012, 07:39 AM
I'll be waiting to see what else you list.

04-13-2013, 10:50 PM
Bump for the new year. My stuff is back on the market! Come buy a bunch of things. Ask me if I've got something you want and let's make a deal!

05-17-2013, 01:16 PM
Bump, Just sold the Sandcrawler and my Jedi Skiff. Want to buy anything on this list? Let me know!

05-18-2013, 12:09 AM
PM has been sent good Sir.