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08-22-2012, 09:33 PM
I've got to make room for some other things, so I am selling my 2008 Blue/White Clone Wars/Legacy Collection figures. All are NM-M on card, and I can send pics if requested. The prices listed below are without shipping, and are not set in stone. So if you have a different price in mind, let me know. If interested, please PM me with your location so I can send a total with shipping included.

I would prefer paypal for payment, but will consider a money order.

I will combine shipping if interested in more than one.

Here's what I have:

2008 Clone Wars (Blue/White card)-

No. 3 Yoda $7
No. 8 R2-D2 (First Day of Issue) $7
No. 9 Ahsoka with Rotta $7
No. 15 Asajj Ventress $7 Sold

2008 Legacy Collection (Blue/White Droid Factory card)-

BD 4 Leektar & Nippet (First Day of Issue) w/R4-D6 Body $8 Sold
BD 7 Bane Malar (First Day of Issue) w/R7-Z0 Body $7 Pending
BD 10 Clone Scuba Trooper w/R4-J1 Head/Middle Leg $7 Sold
BD 13 IG Lancer Droid w/R4-J1 Body $6
BD 14 Mon Calamari Warrior w/R7-T1 Body $6
BD 15 Quarren Soldier w/R7-T1 Head/Middle Leg $6
BD 19 Yaddle & Evan Piell w/5D6-RA7 Right Leg $9 Sold
GH 3 Battle Damaged Darth Vader w/R4-D6 Head/Middle Leg $6 Sold

2008 Exclusives (Blue/White Card) No clamshells, but all MOC-

Target Exclusive Commander Fox $15 Sold
Wal Mart Exclusive 501st Clone Trooper $10
SDCC/Starwarsshop.com Exclusive Clone Trooper-Senate Security $12

I will update this list as items are sold.

Thanks for looking!


08-22-2012, 10:34 PM
Pm sent for Commander fox, assaj, and battle damaged vader