View Full Version : More Star Wars Figures for sell.

06-19-2012, 07:35 PM
Hello guys. I have some more Star Wars Figures to sell:

5x Sandtroopers(4 of them are from the 3-pack that came out years ago.) $3.00 each. Plus S/H.

4x Biker scouts $3.00 each. Plus S/H.(The one that was on vintage card, few years ago)

6x Speeder Bikes( they have some custom paint apps. applied) $5.50 each. Plus S/H.

I only take a check or money order. If anyone is interested, shoot me a message. If you message me, that you want to buy the item(s) but then I don't hear from you for a week(Unless you inform me that you will buy the item(s) on your next pay day). Then that's telling me you dropped out. Or at least let me know ASAP, that you decided not to buy the item(s). So I can sell the item(s) to the next person in line. Thank you.