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06-17-2012, 06:07 PM
Have some TVC figures and a couple of vehicles I'd like to sell. Everything is unopened/sealed. Most figures are on near mint unpunched cards. These prices reflect what I paid for them or in many cases, lower. I accept paypal (gift payment or add 3% to total to cover fees). Other forms of payment will need to clear before I ship. Prices do not include shipping. I will only charge actual shipping cost so ask me for a quote if you are sincerely interested in buying. Will ship loose if you want to save on shipping.

Hoth Luke- $10
ANH Vader $10
Wedge - SOLD
Barriss Offee(tarkin wave) - $9
DS Luke - $8
Bom Vindin - $7

ADDED 7/16/12
Quinlan Vos - $7
Darth Maul - $7
Queen Amidala TPM - $7
Clone Pilot "Odd Ball" - $10
Evazan - $10
Obi-Wan AOTC - $6
Keyan Farlander - $6
Aurra Sing(Discover the Force) - $10
G8-R3(Discover the Force) -$10

TVC Vehicles
Obi Starfighter MIMB(unopened) - $25
V-19 Fighter MIMB(unopened) - $25
B-Wing Kmart Exclusive MIB(unopened-box has some shelf wear) - $29

Unpunched, near mint to mint Canadian carded figures.
VC22 Ackbar $8
VC34 Jango Fett $8
VC52 Rebel Fleet Trooper $8
VC55 Logray $7
VC08 Darth Vader $8
VC63 Keyan Farlander(Revenge) $7

06-25-2012, 07:12 PM
I saw your post. How much would you discount for all?
Please e-mail me at swfan3@hotmail.com if interested.
Thank you.

07-16-2012, 07:37 PM
updated for 7/16/12

10-27-2012, 10:43 AM

(concerning our other deal here): Your inbox is FULL, so I couldn't send a reply to your last pm.

Just wanted to give you the heads up. ;)