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03-17-2012, 10:01 AM
This page is dedicated to the forthcoming book by the same name. The book will be about Star Wars fans and their collections. Nothing more, nothing less. Email submissions to: collectors@swfanboys.com
Hi all:)
I am publishing this full color book with the purpose of highlighting the collections of (select) fans who wish to contribute to its contents.

The contributor profile is as follows:
1. when did you start to collect
2. whats your favorite piece
3. the story behind you acquiring that piece
4. whats your holy grail (the piece your still yearning for)
5. and then a few pics high res ( 2000 px wide and 300 dpi)

please email all submissions to collectors@swfanboys.com

you can like the fan page on facebook www.facebook.com/swfanboysngirls (http://www.facebook.com/swfanboysngirls)

i would like to start designing the book right after Celebration VI and have them hopefully ready and printed for XMAS so all submissions must be made but Aug 31st

thank you