View Full Version : Star Wars Masterpiece edition set of 3

12-29-2011, 12:31 PM
I have the set of 3 Star Wars Materpiece edition 12 Inch figures and books.
The 3 figures and books are:

-Anakin Skywalker(older man) book - "The Story of Darth Vader"

-C3P0 book - "Tales of the Golden droid"

-Aurra Sing - "Dawn of the bounty hunters"

Overall condition of the 3:

The Anakin Skywalker edition has a moderate dent on It's front right side, and there
Is some shelf wear and some minor scratches on all 3 editions. Other than this, the 3
Items are In pretty good shape.

I am asking for $40 for the 3, and then add shipping and handling.