View Full Version : FS remainder of carded,loose, deluxe figures

08-16-2011, 04:40 PM
$575 shipped for all items below.

I want to get these sold, so here is my deal all remaining carded figures I have from these eras ROTS,POTF(FF,orange,green, and flashbacks) ,POTJ,Saga blue,saga with gold stripe, saga 06, expanded universe, OTC collection, clone wars non animated and animated (first series), E1 and whatever exclusives I have left;I know I have shadow trooper, Lava refection Obi/Vader/ Grevious from target, and a couple others, all deluxe and multi packs AKA cinema scenes. For a total of $575 shipped within the US. Over 150 individual figures and other items don't have an accurate count but well over 200 pieces.Will have to be shipped in several boxes, at least 3-4 boxes. I will entertain a reasonable offer but please remember these are of my personal collection and have been taken care of and shipping will be a big expense.
This remaining collection does have some hard to find figures they are not all common figures.