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07-17-2011, 06:52 PM
Hello, welcome to my sale thread where nothing is over $5, and some will be even as low as $2.50 I have stuff ranging from Saga up to TVC, and some Clone Wars stuff too. So, here are the “terms and conditions” so to speak:
Condition: The figures are all loose, and come with their weapons/accessories (as per matched up via Rebelscum’s Photo Archive) unless otherwise noted (noted figures will have a + in front of them). The figures are in good condition, some have been displayed, others have been opened and then stored in my house (non-smoking house). The figures do not come with: stands, mini holograms, coins, droid parts, or storage lockers with extra weapons. Only the figure and the weapons/accessories belonging to it will be shipped.
Payment: Paypal only please, no money orders or checks.
Shipping: Shipping will be First Class w/ Delivery Confirmation in a bubble mailer or a small box, depending on how many figures purchased (buyer can request Priority). I am going to try to be as exact as possible with shipping.
Serious buyers only please, no international shipping is available. Here’s the list:

$4.00 Ea
Imperial Jump Trooper (TAC) x2
Imperial EVO Trooper (TAC) x1
Clone Trooper Coruscant Landing Platform (TLC #41 Mold)
Yellow Phase I Clone Trooper Officer (TAC/Saga Legends)
Blue Phase I Clone Trooper Officer (TAC/Saga Legends)
327th Star Corps Clone Trooper (2005 Evolution Version--Removable helmet version, dirty legs/battle damage)
“Betrayal on Felucia” BP 327th Star Corps Clone Trooper (Removable helmet version, clean legs/no battle damage)

$3.50 Ea
“Hunt For Grievous” BP Clone Commander Fordo (TAC)
2-1B Medic Droid (TAC) x2
Super Battle Droid (Saga Legends/TLC--No holes in chest version)
Battle Droid Infantry (Saga Legends, Large Eyes) x2
Battle Droid Commander (Saga Legends, Large Eyes)

$3.00 Ea
Kashyyyk Trooper (TAC, has mild/minor visor warping)
“Clone Attack On Coruscant” BP Blue Clone Commander (TAC, similar to Bacara)
+Super Battle Droid (TAC/Holes in chest, no fire included)
“ARC-170 Elite Squad” BP Clone Pilot (TAC)
Holographic Transmission Count Dooku (TLC)

$2.50 Ea
501st Trooper (TAC SL--Tank Gunner Mold) x2
“Hunt For Grievous” BP ARC Trooper (TAC/“Saga” Mold) x2
“Saga/Clone Wars” ARC Trooper--Pale Blue (Same mold as above)


$4.00 Ea
Clone Trooper Hevy Training Gear (Figure comes with correct rotary cannon and DC-15a blaster)

<s>Clone Wars Commander Cody</s>--SOLD
<s>Clone Wars Clone Pilot Oddball</s>--SOLD
<s>Clone Wars Camo ARF Trooper x2</s>--BOTH SOLD
<s>Clone Wars Commando Droid</s>--SOLD
<s>Evolutions Darth Maul (Sith Legacy TLC)</s>--SOLD
<s>Plo Koon (TLC Droid Factory version)</s>--SOLD
<s>“Order 66 2-Pack” Luminara (TAC)</s>--SOLD
<s>Shaak Ti--Felucian Outcast (TLC)</s>--SOLD
<s>Rahm Kota (TAC)</s>--SOLD
<s>Poggle The Lesser (TSC)</s>--SOLD
<s>Clone Wars 212th Trooper (CW 19/New helmet mold)</s>--SOLD
<s>Clone Wars Clone Pilot Goji</s>--SOLD
<s>Clone Wars Exclusive AT-TE Clone Trooper</s>--SOLD
<s>Clone Wars Magna Guard (CW 49/SA) x2</s>--BOTH SOLD
<s>Utapau Clone Trooper (TSC)</s>--SOLD
<s>Dark Trooper Phase I (TLC)</s>--SOLD
<s>Utapau Shadow Trooper (TAC/Saga Legends)</s>--SOLD
<s>Imperial EVO Trooper (TAC)</s> x1--SOLD
<s>Airborne Trooper (TAC) x3</s>--ALL SOLD
<s>AT-AT Driver (TSC)</s>--SOLD
<s>“Battle On Mygeeto” BP Super Battle Droid (TAC “Shadow Version“)</s>--SOLD
<s>Kashyyyk Trooper (TAC, all have mild/minor visor warping) x3</s>--ALL SOLD
<s>“Hoth Speeder Bike Patrol” BP Snow Scout (TLC)</s>--SOLD
<s>Poggle The Lesser (Saga War Room Version--more subdued paintjob)</s>--SOLD
<s>Clone Combat Engineer (TSC)</s>--SOLD
<s>Tri-Droid (TAC)</s>x3--ALL SOLD
<s>+Darth Sidious - Senate Duel (TVC-Missing original lightning effect, replaced with smaller similar one)</s>--SOLD
<s>Galactic Marine (TAC) x4</s>--All SOLD
<s>“Battle on Mygeeto” BP Tri Droid (TAC “Shadow Version”)</s>--SOLD
<s>+Clone Trooper “Heavy Gunner” (TLC Single Card--no original gun, “chunky” DC-15 included)</s>--SOLD
<s>“Order 66 2-Pack” Darth Vader (TAC, Same mold as Evolutions Darth Vader, no removable helmet)</s>--SOLD
<s>+“Hunt For Grievous” BP Clone Heavy Gunner (TAC--No original gun, short DC-15a included)</s>--SOLD
<s>+“Order 66 2-Pack” AT-RT Driver (Camo from Luminara pack, no original weapon, short DC-15a included)</s>--SOLD
<s>+“AT-RT Assault” BP AT-RT Driver (No original weapon, “chunky” DC-15 included)</s>--SOLD
<s>+“AT-RT Assault” BP AT-RT Driver (No original weapon, short DC-15a included)</s> SOLD
<s>+“AT-RT Assault” BP Clone Commander (No original weapon, “chunky” DC-15 included, Bacara mold figure)</s>--SOLD
<s>+Destroyer Droid (TAC version, no shield, no “shooting” effects) x2</s>--BOTH SOLD
<s>Imperial Incinerator Trooper (Wal-Mart TFU Exclusive Multi-Pack/TAC)</s>--SOLD
<s>Imperial Shadow Trooper (Wal-Mart TFU Exclusive Multi-Pack/TAC)</s>--SOLD
<s>“Order 66 2-Pack” 501st Commander Bow (TAC)</s>--SOLD
<s>501st Trooper (TAC SL #41 SA Mold) x6</s>--ALL SOLD
<s>Snow Trooper (TLC Saga Legends) x5</s>--ALL SOLD
<s>“Order 66 2-Pack” Yellow BARC Trooper (TAC, from Tsu Choi 2-Pack) x2</s>--BOTH SOLD
<s>“ARC-170 Elite Squad” BP Clone Trooper (TAC) x2</s>--BOTH SOLD
<s>Clone Trooper 7th Legion (TAC) x2</s>--BOTH SOLD
<s>Shock Trooper (Saga Legends #41 SA mold) x2</s>--BOTH SOLD
<s>Clone Wars Speeder Bike Recon Clone (Gray) x2</s>--BOTH SOLD

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PM sent - thank you!


07-18-2011, 10:14 AM
PMs have been responded to. I want to apologize to everyone, as the forum gave me a "max_user_error" from 7PM to 2AM (maybe even longer, that's just when I went to sleep) last night. Totally ridiculous.

*EDIT* List updated

07-18-2011, 10:15 AM
PM sent for:

$4.00 Ea
+Darth Sidious - Senate Duel (TVC-Missing original lightning effect, replaced with smaller similar one)

$2.00 Ea
“Order 66 2-Pack” Darth Vader (TAC, Same mold as Evolutions Darth Vader, no removable helmet)

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