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05-29-2011, 10:18 PM
Hi folks, selling some doubles here. Please make it so your purchase is at least 25$ cuz I don't want to pack and send 8 zillion packages :-) Payment through paypal please, sorry only U.S. buyers, and add 5$ to orders for shipping. Thanks! :-)

You can click the items to see a picture, what you see is what you get! AFAIK all figures are complete unless explicitly stated.

$7 each:
Tanus Spijek (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Tanus_Spijek.jpg)
Bane Malar (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Bane_Malar_1.jpg)

6$ each:
Clegg Holdfast and Gasgano (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Clegg_Holdfast_Gasgano.jpg)
Legacy collection Stormtrooper Luke (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Stormtrooper_Luke.jpg)
Dorovio Bold (wal-mart exclusive evolutions rebel pilot) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Dorovio_Bold.jpg)

5$ each:
Concept Vader (lightsaber only)
Concept storm trooper (lightsaber only)
4-LOM (Vintage coll) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/4LOM.jpg)
Commander Cody (Saga) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Commander_Cody.jpg)
Concept Chewbacca (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Concept_Chewbacca.jpg)
Concept Han Solo (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Concept_Han_Solo.jpg)
Darth Maul (TPM) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Darth_Maul_TPM.jpg)
Jawa w/ WED treadwell droid (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Jawa_WED_treadwell.jpg)
K-3PO (Target BP) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/K3PO.jpg)
Kashyyk Trooper (Saga) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Kashyyk_Trooper.jpg)
Kitik KeedKak (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Kitik_KeedKak.jpg)
Mace Windu (TAC) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Mace_Windu.jpg)
TPM Obi-Wan (BAD) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Obi_Wan_TPM.jpg) wrong lightsaber, included is one from a different TPM Obi-Wan fig
Pote Snitkin (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Pote_Snitkin.jpg)
ROTS Pilot (black variant) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/ROTS_Pilot_black.jpg)
Ree Yees (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Ree_Yees.jpg)
Roth-Del Masona (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/RothDel_Masona.jpg)

Polis Massa (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Polis_Massa.jpg) (NO accessories)
JN-66 (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/JN66.jpg)

Obi-Wan snow outfit (SAGA collection) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Obi_Wan_snow.jpg)
Aunt Beru (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Aunt_Beru.jpg)
Zam (SAGA) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Zam_old.jpg) (no changeling mask)

Qui Gon Jinn ep1 (cloaked) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Qui_Gon_Jinn_ep1.jpg)
Qui Gon Jinn ep1 (not cloaked) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Qui_Gon_Jinn_ep1_2.jpg)
Luke Skywalker Jabba's Palace (2) (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Luke_Palace_2.jpg)

Misc lots n stuff:
$8 - Kybuck (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Kybuck.jpg) (no yoda)
$12 - Qui-Gonn and Eopie (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Qui_Gonn_Eopie.jpg) (will ship loose)
$12 - Lot of Nexu and 4 Geonosians (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Nexu_Geonosians.jpg)
$12 - 4x IG-86's (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/IG86s.jpg)
$10 - Lot of 35 Saga mini holograms (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/ebay/Saga_Holograms.jpg)

20$ - *4* droid harnesses from the R2-B1 figure (the pictures show 5 but it's only 4) pic 1 (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Droid_Harnesses_1.jpg) | pic 2 (http://photonovelalliance.com/sell/forum/Droid_Harnesses_2.jpg)
Can sell individually, 5$ each

05-29-2011, 10:57 PM
PM sent for:
$7 each:
TFU Secret Apprentice (jedi)
6$ each:
Darth Maul (shirtless)
5$ each:
Ak-Rev w/ drum
Concept Starkiller Hero
Vilmarh Grahrk
A'Sharad Hett (no shawl)
VOTC Bossk (NO rifle)

Sandstorm Chewie (NO crossbow)
ROTS Obi-Wan (NO lightsaber)

IG-86 (NO accessories)

Misc lots n stuff:
$3 - Misc electric bolts and stuff

05-29-2011, 11:56 PM
PM sent.

06-04-2011, 02:26 AM
Added new stuff