View Full Version : Anybody Wanna Trade...........

05-10-2011, 07:12 PM
anybody wanna trade

i have added some bricklink #'s incase you wanna see the pics,i can provide pictures and minifigures are mint..

2x sw115 snowtrooper
1x swx270 geonosian head pice
1x sw060 count dooku
2x sw260 zev senesca
2x hp102 dobby
2x hp094 harry potter
2x hp104 lucius malfoy
1x njo015 cole dx (dragon suit)
1x njo018 zane dx (dragon suit)
2x njo012 nya

any lego indiana jones figures & lego pirates of the carribean figures

i dont have no feedback but i will be willing to shipout 1st,only if you have good feedback and only shipping with the u.s