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01-20-2011, 01:40 PM
Here are some figures from my collection. I'm shifting to a character focus so these are on the table. Make offers if you like. I liked to collect a varation on the POTF2 called SUB which is "Stand Up Bubble/Blister". Most of these were releaseed with a square bubble/blister on red cards. They are much harder to find so if you see w/SUB next to the figure that's what it's for. Shipping is $5 for first figure $1 additional figures. Paypal only. Please ask any questions about cards if you need more specific answers. I can't remeber/figure out how to post a photo so I'll just list the item and you can view the photo at my POTF2.com link here:


European Long Photo:
Bespin Luke $5
Admiral Akbar $5

THX Japan:
Han Solo $12
Darth Vader $12

Japanese Stickered:
Luke $10 w/SUB
Chewbacca $10 w/SUB
Han Solo Hoth $8 w/SUB
Luke Skywalker Dagobah $8 w/SUB (no Japanese sticker, SAM's 3pk release from US)

European Tri-Logo
Darth Vader w/SUB $8
Han Solo Hoth w/SUB $6
Chewbacca w/SUB $8
C3PO w/SUB $5
Yoda w/SUB $10
Stormtrooper w/SUB $12
Han Solo w/SUB $10
Leia w/SUB $4
Luke Dagobah w/SUB $6

European Tri-Logo w/Square bubble:
Luke Skywalker $4
Ben Kenobi $4

Vintage Collection:
Woolf Unpunched $8
4-LOM Canadian "Bobba" error sticker $12
Dengar Canadian "Bobba" error sticker $12
4-LOM US $6

I just loaded up a ton of Bounty Hunter stuff for sale from all lines. Boba Fett, IG-88, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Dengar. Foreign, Varations, Gentle Giant, Kubrick, Kotobukiya and much more please check the POTF2 link to see everything available.

Canadian POTF2:
R2D2 w/SUB & Hologram $10
Chewbacca w/SUB $10
C3PO w/SUB $10
Leia w/SUB $10
Luke Skywalker Square Bubble LS $8
Ben Kenobi Square Bubble LS $8

Legacy Ep1 Offer sticker $6
Legends $5
US FF $10
Japanese FF $12
Legacy w/CV Sticker $8
Gentle Giant Mini Bust $25
Kotobukiya $70 shipped in US

Boba Fett:
POTF2 GC Col 3 $4 *3 Available
POTF2 GC Col 3 Japanese $12
POTF2 GC FF Japanese $20
POTF2 RC Italian SUB $70
POTF2 RC Italian SQB w/autograph $80
POTF2 RC Japanese w/SUB $15
Saga Blue w/Gold Stripe $12
Vintage ROTJ Collection Japanese $25
Kotobukiya(bounty hunter set) $90 shipped in US

Saga Blue US $6
POTF2 Canadian $6
POTF2 Japanese $10
Gentle Giant Mini Bust $20 *Finger Glued Back on
Kotobukiya $70 shipped in US

Gentle Giant Mini Bust $15 *Broken Piece Glued back on
Unleashed $20
OTC Canadian $18
POTJ Closed Right Claw $10
POTJ Open Right Claw $10
Kotobukiya $70 shipped in US.

POTF2 European $5
POTF2 Canadian $6
30AC $5
Kotobukiya $70 shipped in US.

C3PO/R2D2 CIV Exclusive $12
Vader Canadian $10
Starkiler Canadian $8
Chewbacca Canadian $8
Stromtrooper Canadian $12

Set of Bounty Hunter Bust Ups 3" w/Vader (No Bossk) $5

Thanks for looking.

01-20-2011, 02:45 PM
PM sent...

01-20-2011, 03:28 PM
If the Italian R2 is still available, Id like him please!

01-20-2011, 04:41 PM
If the Italian R2 is still available, Id like him please!

No problem. PM Sent

01-22-2011, 11:29 PM
Wanted to bumb this cause I added a bunch of Bounty Hunter stuff. Please check the POTF2 Link.

01-28-2011, 02:13 PM
Updated. Please make an offer if you aren't happy with the price I've listed. I listen to anything reasonable.

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Received my figures without any problems.


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Bump. 25% off for the next week.

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One last bumb before I send everything to EBAY.

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All prices reduced to move.

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