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I am shrinking my collection. Almost everything here is MOC, however those that are opened or loose will have notes next to the description. The vehicles are all loose and in great condition, but may be missing a missile or two. Shipping is unspecified unless noted next to the Price. Once you have made it known that you wish to purchase something we will discuss shipping costs. Expect loose lots of action figures, vehicles and beasts once some of this stuff sells.
Thanks for looking!

Price is next to item in US dollars


Battle Pack Capture of Tantive IV (opened, missing 1 stormtrooper)- 10
Battle Pack Ambush on Ilum - 15
Commemorative Tin – Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes - 15

Battle Pack Bantha with Tusken Raiders - 35

Saga 2006:
Yarael Poof - 6
Aurra Sing - 4
Sora Bulq - 4
Nabrun Leids and Kabe - 4

Heroes and Villains Clone Pilot - 4
Heroes and Villains Shock Trooper - 4
Clone Trooper (Combat Engineer) - 4

AT-AT Driver (mint, loose and complete) - 3
Death Star Gunner (mint, loose and complete) - 3
Snowtrooper - 4

Star Wars Celebration Three Darth Vader (slightly bent card) - 10
Target Lava Reflection Darth Vader - 14
Target Clone Trooper - 9

Battle Pack Jedi temple assault (opened) - 15
Battle Pack Jedi vs Sith (opened, grievous missing weapons) - 9

Barc Speeder with Barc trooper (opened) - 9
At-rt with at-rt driver (opened) - 10

Commemorative Ep3 Dvd collection, box 3 of 3 “Clone Troopers” (opened) - 6
Evolutions Anakin to Vader (opened) - 9

ARC-170 Starfighter (loose) - 20
Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter (loose) - 10

VOTC Greedo - 6
POTF2 Oola and Salacious Crum (opened) - 4
Clone Wars Commemorative DVD collection “Jedi Force Pack” (obi-wan, Anakin, Arc trooper) (opened) - 8

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Hi, Do you have Feedback anywhere that you can send a link to?

I am interested in some items but you are new with only two posts.

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Here's my ebay feedback:


Which items were you interested in?

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