View Full Version : Huge Star Wars Lego Display FS in AZ

12-17-2010, 01:14 AM
I snagged this a few months ago, and a new Job is forcing a lightened move. This can not go with me, and I'd like to see it in someone's ( a SW person's ) hands.


I can take some better pictures if needed, but it is the set with the Toys R us Exclusive Home One, Separatist shuttle, and the Republic Cruiser.

Anyone have any interest in it? Shipping is gonna be a Huge ****** because it's roughly 45 lbs, 4tf x 16in x 14 in.
Probably looking at 100$ in shipping ground. I'd be a decent deal to anyone in the four corners or even California.

This was supposed to be sent back to Lego, but I had a Hook up that allowed me to get it instead of sending it back to be melted down into other bricks.