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12-16-2010, 06:20 AM
The primary item of interest I have is a Star Wars store display for carded figures -
It's in shelf worn but good displayable condition and it fits Saga, TAC & other types of cards. Saga is of course the best fit and it has 4 slots which hold three saga sized cards each. I love this sort of unique display but my collecting focus is G.I. Joe so I'm looking for a good home for this.

I'd like to get $30 (free shipping included) - I'll consider best offers or I'd be thrilled to trade it for two POC Shock Troopers (or $15 off for one or $9 off for a gam gaurd)

<font color="red">I also have....
^^ Anything you see in that album, make an offer. Off the top of my head I'll shoot off some idea of what I want as far as price goes... ($2 shipping for any amount of stuff, OBO's and trade apply to anything)

Marvel Legends Green Goblin & Spiderman - $15
Vintage complete Joes - $6-8 each
Custom Ram Man - $9
POTF stuff - all for $7 shipped if you want
Action Force Vintage CLAW box - $9

Thanks for looking
I have almost 700 positive feedback on ebay as dream_deferred and I'd be more than happy to list anything you want as a BIN for $1 extra to cover fees

I have the newer big Legacy Falcon, but it's missing the Dejarik pieces and one missile.
Nonetheless I need to get Christmas presents so if anyone wants to make a generous offer (close to $100 shipped as possible or more if you really feel the holiday spirit for a poor soul :P) I'd consider it. I have a box for it too w/ instructions, stickers & both pilot figures.
Alternately, if anyone HAS an extra set of legacy falcon Dejarik pieces I'd be interested in those, but I can't really pay much, maybe $5 shipped.

I may update this with more stuff so stay tuned.

If you want to trade I'm looking for the latest wave of POC G.I. Joe or cheap loose/incomplete ROC/POC stuff as fodder. Also need vintage 2010 Leia($6), jedi luke($6), Rebel commando($7) - prefer loose most any condition - prices in parenthesis are what I can offer in trade.

12-18-2010, 03:26 AM
30 bucks for a freebie cardboard box...c'mon man.

12-18-2010, 05:56 PM
30 bucks for a freebie cardboard box...c'mon man.


12-18-2010, 08:49 PM
I have one of these also I will sell mine for 29.99.