11-10-2010, 08:52 PM
25th Anniversary 2 packs exclusive Vader/Obi Wan $15
Han/ Chewie $15
Luke/Leia $15
Exclusive Cup series E1 Maul/E2 Anakin/ E4 Obi Wan/ E5 Luke Pilot/ E6 Leia slave $6 each or set for $25
Ultra Jabba $8
Ultra 3PO $8
Ultra Jabba court dizziens $8 sold
Ultra Wampa $8 pending
SOTE Vader / Xizor $12
SOTE Fett / IG88 $12
Deluxe figures $7 unless noted
Clone w speeder
Stass Aliee ROTS
General Riekien
Endor Victory Set
Luke desert skiff
Stromtrooper crowd control
Han smuggler flight pack
Change to Sidious ROTS
POTF Leia collection Ewok
POTF Leia collection Han Solo Bespin
POTF Luke bacta
Saga Arena conflict
Saga Nexu sold/pending
POTF Leia cannon
POTF gunner station Han
POTF gunner station Luke
POTF Maul with attack droid
Death Star accessory set
Saga Hoth survival kit
Saga C3PO droid factory
Saga Anakin slashing attack with split Geonosian
ROTS change to Vader
Power FX Palpatine
Power FX R2D2
Masters of the Dark Side $15
Clone Wars Jedi 3 pack $10
All items are MOC some cards may have minor dings I saw no extensive damage and no creases. If I pull it and find a major flaw I will email before shipping. I will ship overseas. I take paypal
Thanks for looking more to be added as I find it I still have about 40 boxes of stuff to sell.
I have 2 of some of these will not post sold until both are gone but will put sold/ pending when both are in that category.

Added $7 unless noted for deluxe
Deluxe Boba Fett POTF
Deluxe Obi Wan ATOC platform battle
Even more stuff added
POTF deluxe probe droid
POTF deluxe snowtrooper
Deluxe POTF rebel trooper Hoth
Deluxe Darth Maul
Death Star Trash compactor 2 packs sold as a set only Leia/Chewie and Han/Luke $20 for both packs
Max Rebo band pairs 1st versions from Wal Mart POTF card $10
have all 3 sets
Battle arena Sidious vs Mace ROTS $8 box damaged
Crab Droid $10
Vulture droid $7
Clone w Jet pack $7
Spider droid $8
Yoda w Can Cell $8
Trophy series Darth Maul $7
POTF Darth Vader gunner station $7
ATOC deluxe $7 unless otherwise noted
Mace w blast apart battle droid
Obi Wan force flip
Jango w jet pack
Dooku force flip
Power FX Luke Jedi $7
Obi Wan Death Star $7
Vader Death Star $6 glue on one side loose never of package
Commemorative DVD sets $7 each or buy the set for $18
Silver box from E4-6 $7 each
Black box from E4-6 $7 each
Battle pack Jedi Temple attack Kmart exclusive $20
Jedi Council #2 of 2 Poof, Depa, Yaddle $9
Geonosian War room #2 of 2 Nute, Shu Mai, Passel $9
Cinema Scenes
Final Duel $12
Jedi Spirits $10
Jabba Dancers $9
Skiff guards $12
Cantina Aliens $10
Mynock Hunt $12
Purchase of the droids $9
Rebel Pilots $12
E1 Wattos Box $15
3D pop up cantina with sandtrooper $10
3D pop up Jabba palace with unfrozen Han $10

11-11-2010, 12:12 PM
PM sent

11-19-2010, 03:22 PM