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All items on my list are OR BEST OFFER. See the price, don’t like it, pm me and work a deal with me. Trades are welcome. All are loose complete unless noted. Pics available upon request. Shipping is additional unless noted. Paypal preferred as a gift payment, or you can pay the fees. Either way works for me. Table of contents…….

-Transformers All eras
-Star Wars Figures Vehicles etc
-GI Joe modern and vintage
-Gundam 1/100 and 1/144 kits
-Marvel….Universe, WO, IM2 etc
-DC Infinite Heroes and Superheroes/Universe Classics
-Vintage Parts pic links
-Feedback Links
-Want section! Everything I want!

--Transformers All Eras--

*ROTF Beachcomber $10
Universe Special Edition Overkill MIB $20
ROTF Swindle and Blast Off $20
Titanium Rodimus no stand otherwise complete $10
Energon Wingsaber missing missiles $30
Energon Dust storm x2 $10 each
Energon Downshift no weapons….wheel that holds energon star replaced with regular one $10
Fodder….see images http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d166/jeditaz27/Junk%20pit/

--Transformers instructions and paperwork--

Cybertron Blurr Instructions $.50
Cybertron Ransack Instructions $.50
Cybertron Sideways Instructions $.50
Cybertron Crosswise Instructions $.50
Universe Sideburn Instructions $.50
G1 Megatron KO instructions $.50
Universe Micromaster First Aid instructions $.50
Mega SCF Victory Leo and Star Saber combo instructions $.50
G1 Reissue Ricochet Instructions $.50
G1 Reissue Rodimus Prime Instructions $.50

--Star Wars Code 3--

Revenge of the Sith Best Buy Sculpted poster $15

--Star Wars figures--

Comic Pack Obi Wan Jabiim $2

TPM Darth Sidious $1
TPM Queen Amidala in red battle gear $1

POTJ Security Battle Droid $3
POTJ Young Obi Wan no Robe $1
POTJ EU Concept Obi Wan JedI Training $1

Saga1 Darth Tyranus Geonosis Escape $2
Saga1 CW Realistic Mace Windu $4
Saga1 CW Realistic Saesee Tiin $5
Saga1 Hoth Luke no ice base $2

ROTS Wookie (preview style) custom dark brown/black highlights no pads for legs $5
ROTS Evo Anakin E2 $4
ROTS Plo Koon $3
ROTS Agen Kolar $3
ROTS Destroyer Droid customs x2. Only change is I cut the launcher part off, trimmed it and glued back. So the arms are more slim lined like they are supposed to be. $4 for both.
ROTS Obi Wan Pilot x2 $2 each
ROTS Magnaguard custom….metallic yellow highlights $2
ROTS Magnaguard custom….metallic copper highlights $2
ROTS Buzz Droids open positioning x2 $1 for both

Saga 06 Naboo Soldier yellow x2 $4 each

VTSC Luke pilot customized with neck and head from clone trooper $4
VTSC Luke pilot customized with head of ROTS Obi Wan $4

TAC Chameleon droid (solid) from Ilum BP $4
TAC C4 McQuarrie C3PO and R2D2 MOMC in Starcase $15
TAC Naboo Soldier Red $5
TAC Mcquarrie Han Solo $4
TAC Animated Debut Boba Fett $5
TAC R2 with Capture Net $4

*Legacy Corran Horn $13
*Legacy Nien Numb B wing $5
*Legacy Evo Keyan Farlander $6
*Legacy Evo Jake Farrell $6
*Legacy Evo Ten Numb $5
Legacy R4-J1 BAD complete $12
Legacy MB RA 7 BAD Complete $10
Legacy L8 L9 BAD complete $10
Legacy R4-P44 BAD complete $12
Legacy Wedge Antilles from X wing $8
Legacy Scuba Clone Trooper x 2 $7 each
Legacy Mon Calamari Warrior $6
Legacy Droid Factory Hoth Han $3
Legacy Evolutions Kesin Ommis Snow speeder $4
Legacy Evolutions Shira Brie $3
Legacy Mon Calamari Warrior $4
Legacy Luke Skywalker Medical Frigate $5

--Star Wars Vehicles --

ROTS Obi Wan Starfighter Red $10
ROTS Anakin Starfighter Yellow $10
General Grievous Starfighter $15
POTF2 EU Airspeeder concept vehicle. No figure. Missing missile , but im 100 percent I can find it if you want it. $7

Star Wars vehicle fodder, parts and near completes $1 and up Take all for $25 plus shipping http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d166/jeditaz27/Star%20Wars%20Vehicles%20and%20Parts%20Fodder/

--GI Joe 25th and ME--

25th Complete Mass Device with cart with elements, and tan Element tube from Tripwire as well as the blue one from the Cobra Diver. Weather dominator as well. $45
ROC Ice Sabre vehicle only $5
ROC Rockslide from TGT pack vehicle only $2
Weather Dominator $1
Mass Device Turret $.50

***Build N Brawl Sgt Slaughter $15
ROC Flash MOC $8
25th Matt Trakker MOC $7
25th Zartan from 5 pack $5
25th Torch from comic pack $4

--GI Joe Vintage and vintage style--

*Agent Courtney Krieger Cover Girl DTC complete red wash added to hair $35
*Wet Suit JVC v7 missing one flipper and gun $2
*Agent Jinx VvsV missing dagger and gun $4
*Bombstrike VvsV missing radio $5
*Overkill VvsV (robot rebellion?) complete $7
*Mutt and Junkyard DTC has different gun, missing mask $5
*Hannibal Reborn from comic Pack no accs $4
*Scarlet VvsV missing arrow pack and arrow $4
*Snake Eyes JVC Gray and purple no sound attack gun $5
*Snake Eyes JVC black and silver single pk version. Has 1 silver, 1 black swords, dual backpack, silver submachine gun $5
*Ninja Battle Snake Eyes VvsV complete $5
*Snake Eyes V4 complete $8
*Star Brigade Sci Fi Pilot no gun $10
*Eco Warriors Clean Sweep Complete $17
*Shockwave DEF complete…I think he may have Hit and Runs gun…unsure $7
*Lt. Falcon Super Sonic Fighters no long gun $10
Raider missing bubble for bottom scout tank and 1 flip out stand. One peg part broken on right side gun. Good shape otherwise. $10 PENDING
Vintage Locust complete $10
Vintage Cobra Rage complete, $20 for the one with stickers, or you can have the one without for $15. Will not sell both! PENDING
Vintage Cobra Stinger missing steering wheel only (of course no figure) $20
Vintage Cobra Invader missing some hoses and missiles $5
JVC Brawler (repaint/retool of Vintage Hammer) missing antenna $20
Thruster cover for Phantom x 19 $3
all 3 landing gear covers for Phantom x 19 $4
Retaliator 3 blades $5
Retaliator Rear arm mechanism…whole thing including knobs and inserts to attach to body $6
Retaliator landing skids $2
Snow Cat Ski Missiles (yellow missiles only) x2 $.50 each
Devilfish Torpedo $.50
Tiger Storm Copter from VvsV $1
Vintage parts in link below the lists!

--Gundam HG 1/100 kits…assembled--

Wing Zero Custom from Endless Waltz $8
Wing Zero $8
Epyon $8

*Get all 3 for $20 plus shipping!

--Gundam HG 1/100 kits….some assembled. See below for details--

There are ones in these sets that may be incomplete. Ill mention the ones that I am not sure about. Images in link below. Included in the lot are Wing Gundam 0, Epyon, Tall geese (1,2,3 kit that is variable depending on how you put it together…may be missing a part or two to one of the versions you can build.), Vayeate, and from Gundam X, GX9900 Gundam X, and GX9901 DX Gundam Double X. Both of the Gundam X kits appear to have most parts. Without going through and completing the builds however, I don’t know for sure. All stickers and books pictured below are included. $15 for all Or Best Offer!


--Iron Man 2 3 ¾ inch--

War Machine MOC VARIANT Blue chest and NO writing or markings on armor…$20

--Marvel Universe--

None right now

--Wolverine Origins--

Movie Wolverine with Jacket…REAL metal claws custom $4
Movie Deadpool with REAL metal arm swords custom $4

--DC Infinite Heroes --

Superman black symbol $2 PENDING


and near complete stuff from MASK, Star Wars, GI Joe MOTU ETC…..take a look at pics in the link below…too much to just list!


I will have a list of modern parts up shortly. I have a ton to go through. I mean a ton. My attic is filled. If you can think of something you need, please get in touch with me. I may have it.





Feedback can also be found on Yojoe.com, TNI, Allspark and Collectorsrefuge.com!

Onto my wants!


PRIORITY-----------------------Transformers Wants----------------------PRIORITY

Transformers Classics and 2.0(or Henkei!) and newer type stuff thrown in loose if fine unless noted

*Igear Arcee Delicate Warrior
*RTS Jazz
*RTS Tracks
*Generations Cliffjumper
*Generations Thunderwing
*Generations Perceptor
*Generations Wreck-Gar
*Generations Kup
*Generations Scourge
*RTS Solar Storm Grapple
*RTS Lugnut
*Generations Skullgrin
Best Toys Silver Prime (classic) Trailer
BBTS Piranacon set
Fansproject G3 Trailer
Custom Fodder….lmk what ya got!
G1 Encore Sky Lynx
Knight Morpher (Hearts of Steel Optimus)
DIA Commander armor/trailer
Fans Project Crossfire Superion add on set
Fans Project Shadow Commander or KO armor


Let me know what else you have...I may need it


*POC Joe Mech
*POC Cobra Mech
Sigma 6 Dragonhawk
ROC Dragonhawk
Vintage Night Raven

Right Side tread cover
2 grenade launchers

Mint Cockpit cover...mines not bad, but would not mind finding a minty one
2 Chutes....not a biggie, but if you have one.

--Crusader Space Shuttle
Right side wing
Unused sticker sheet, can be repro

--------------------------ME/25th wants------------------

*Resolute Joe pack…Roadblock, Stalker, Flint, Snake Eyes and Beachhead
*Resolute Cobra pack…..Baroness, Firefly, Destro, Alley Viper x 3, and Zartan
*POC Wave 3 Storm Shadow
POC Wave 3 Duke
POC Wave 3 Snake Eyes
POC Wave 3 Shock Viper (Swat type guy)
POC wave 1 Storm Shadow
25th and ROC Parts lots (let me know what ya have)
ANY POC stuff…lmk what ya got!

-----------------------Hellboy 2 3 and ¾ inch------------------


------------------------Star Wars Wants---------------------

*Comic Pack Rohlan and Jarael
*Comic Pack Montross and Jaster Mereel
*Comic Pack Darth Nihl and Deliah Blue
*Comic Pack Fel and Ysanne Isard
SDCC Darth Maul and Owen Comic Pack
VC AT AT Commander
VC Dengar
Phase 1 Clones (AOTC style, SA only!) x many
R2-R5 from Saga Tin collection Episode one Red Droid
Legacy Concept Snowtrooper
Ahsoka's Jedi Starfighter

---------------------Marvel Universe Wants------------------------

*Sentry and Spiderman Comic Pack
*Dark Hawkeye
*Iron Man 2020
*Yellow Jacket and Ant Man
*Thunderball (or comic pack)
*Piledriver (or comic pack)
*Bulldozer (or comic pack)
Moon Knight
Skrull Soldier x3
Iron Spider Man PENDING
Iron Patriot PENDING
Ms Marvel classic
Blonde Variant Black Widow
Iceman (3 pack version)
Deadpool Deluxe set from Wolverine Origins
fodder figures

---------------------Iron Man 2 and 3 ¾ inch Spidey wants-------------------------------

*Comic Whiplash
*Ultimate Iron Man
*Modern War Machine

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