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09-23-2010, 07:46 AM
fs: loose vehicles and lot of random figs-...............paypal prefered, mo ok too

A) general grevious wheelbike- no original gg fig, but will throw in a 2008 cw gg or wm df gg w/o cape......$22 shipped/usa
B) tac y-wing, no original pilot/astromech but will toss in generic rebel pilot and astromech....$30 shipped/usa
C) vintage snowspeeder, no decals, no working electronics plus Kesin Ommis - Snowspeeder Pilot...$25 shipped/usa
D) lot of 25 random figs FROM POTF2 TO NEW CLONE WARS. ALL ARE LOOSE AND MOSTLY COMPLETE W/ WEAPONS. POTF2 ARE LIKELY ONES W/ ALTERNATE WEAPONS OR MISSING A WEAPON. LIST INCLUDES : 1. Watto- wm df 2. Darth Vader potf2 3. obi-wan (cw- w/ soft goods) bike pack in 4. mace windu (CW) target bp pack in 5. Cody (CW) target bp pack in
6. han solo- otc c3po case pack-in 7. chewbacca- otc c3po case pack in 8. snowtrooper potf2 dlx 9. darth maul -legends
10 snowtrooper- potf2 11. potf 2 stormtrooper 12. darth vader (rots) 13. cw captain rex 14. mace windu (cw) #2 slave 1 pack-in 15. cody (cw) #2 delux bike pack in 16. r2-d2 potf2 w/ data links 17. tie pilot - target "red"tie pack in 18. plo koon cw target bp 19. chewbacca- tsc repack 20. obi-wan- resurgence bp 21. aotc clone trooper- rots vader case pack in 22. luke - target rancor 23. luke- x-wing (wm df, but w/ luke head from stealth eu pack) 24. darth vadet tac16- w/o obiwan robe 25. general greivious- cw version 1/2008 ...great for adding to displays, custom fodder, gift for a kid, etc......$35 shipped

E) mint CARDED "ZUCKUSS" (really 4-lom) FROM C5/JEDI-CON EXCLUSIVE 2 PACK- removed from 2 pk I am keeping the alien and folding box/case) ....shipped w/in USA $13 SOLD

F) have older upcs from 2002 saga up to tsc- most basic fig lines complete sets except otc and tsc greatest hits..average $0.10 each- prefer to sell in sets based of line/series

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