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08-28-2010, 11:15 AM
I have a fairly large set of Star Wars toys available for sale, shipped in the USA only, Paypal payment:

-the original AOTC Republic Gunship (loose, complete, and I'll throw a speeder bike into the back for you!) $50 plus shipping

-Luke's X-Wing (the electronic FX version) (loose, complete) $50 plus shipping

-POTF2 Electronic Snowspeeder (loose, complete) $30 plus shipping

-Zev Senesca's Snowspeeder (I believe, from POTJ) in great, loose condition, but sans Zev figure $25 plus shipping

-AT-AP vehicle from ROTS (the 3-legged walker seen on Kashyyyk) (loose, complete) $15 plus shipping

-2 Hailfire Droids (loose, complete) (one is the original, coppery CW version, the other is the 30th Anniversary Collection, silvery/gunmetal gray colored version) $15 each, plus shipping

-large wing, dark gray/blue TIE Fighter $25 plus shipping

-small winged/white TIE Fighter $15 plus shipping

-R2-D2 Carrying Case/Trade Federation Droid Control Ship playset from TPM (w/ "rolling" Droideka!) $30 plus shipping

-Vintage/original TESB Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car (in great condition, complete!) $20 plus shipping

-Vintage/original ANH Landspeeder (also in great complete condition!) $20 plus shipping

-TPM Flash Speeder (missing missile, but when found, I will send it along!) $15 plus shipping

-POTF2 Landspeeder (complete, in great condition!) $15 plus shipping

-2X green AT-RT vehicles (from a Target Exclusive set, no figures included bt in great condition) $10 each or $15 for both plus shipping

-Imperial Speederbike (non-"exploding" version), ROTJ/POTJ (I believe from a TRU Exclusive)

-AT-ST/Chicken Walker (Endor version, comes with Driver figure, complete with helmet) $20 plus shipping

-AT-AT POTF2 version, one head canon is broken at the joint but could be fixed, figures not included $25 plus shipping

-AT-AT TRU Endor version, great condition, figures not included $35 plus shipping

Most action figures are complete; I have tried to make note of those which are not. Right now, I have these figures available, at $2 a piece plus shipping, or $120 for the lot of them shipped:

-POTF2 Biggs Darklighter
-POTF2 Bespin Luke
-Emperor Palpatine (Coin set)
-POTF2 Yavin Ceremony Luke
-Snowspeeder Luke (was packed with a vehicle)
-Death Star II Luke (action feature version)
-Trophy Series Darth Maul
-POTF2 Long Snoot/Garindan
-POTF2 Han Solo Endor Gear (both brown and blue pants versions)
-ROTS Obi-Wan VS Super Batte Droid Deluxe set
-ROTS "Kicking" Obi-Wan
-Anakin Skywalker (long robes, swinging lightsaber action) (dark eyes, red eyes, blue eyes versions)
-POTF2 General Lando Calrissian
-POTF2 Lobot
-Flashback series Hoth Chewbacca
-POTF2 Lado in Skiff guard disguise
-Deluxe Mace Windu with "Force" effect launchers
-AOTC Luminara Undulli
-AOTC Shaak Ti
-X2 Clone Captain (I think, red stripe?)
-Mace Windu (sabe swinging)
-Darth Vader (Dagobah, from Battke Pack)
-POTJ Darth Vader
-Saga Collection Qui-Gon Jinn
-Elite Corps Clonetrooper
-POTF2 AT-ST Driver
-Mustafar playset Obi-Wan Kenobi
-OTC Greedo
-C-3P0, Coin Collection
-ROTS Dlx. General Grievous
-TPM Yoda (from Saga Collection, with magnetic lightsaber/hand)
-Saga Han Solo (Endor) (quick-draw, with 2 thermal detonators)
-Dlx. Anakin VS Geonosion
-ROTS Chewie repainted as Hoth Chewie (from a Target Exclusive)
-POTF2 Chewie as Boushh's Bounty/prisoner
-Senate Guard
-Clonetrooper (yellow stripe)
-Clonetrooper (blue stripe)
-ROTS Battle Droid
-4X POTF2 Snowtrooper/Snowclone
-3X POTJ Biker Scouts
-6X POTF2 Stormtroopers
-4X Commtech Stormtroopers
-2X AOTC Battle Droids (tan/ not red)
-2X break-apart Battle Droids from Mace Windu Dlx. set
-POTF2 Tusken Raider/Sand Person
-Tusken Female w/ child
-Commtech Han Solo (missing vest)
-POTJ Sandtrooper (missing macrobinoculars)
-Boba Fett (with rocket-blast effect)
-Boba Fett (quick draw)
-Han Solo in Hoth Gear, w/ Luke's lightsaber
-X2 TPM Destryer Droid/Droideka
-Darth Vader (from Xizor comic pack, 1996)
-Vintage Collection Darth Vader (non-removable helmet)
-Flashback collection Darth Vader
-3X missile launching Destroyer Droids
-6X Sneak Preview AOTC Clonetroopers
-X3 ROTS "exploding" Super Battle Droid
-Clone Wars cartoon (first series) Anakin Skywalker, Yavin Battle

If you have a young Star Wars fan who wants a good starter set for collecting, I have many here that would be great. Depending on what I have when you ask, I will sell as a lot with a more-than-fair price. (I'm a sucker for budding SW fanboys/girls!)

I will include a few figures with any vehicle purchase as long as I have them around. I'm notorious for tossing in freebies with shipments. I want this stuff to go to a good home. All offers will be considered and prices are open for bargaining. (No Jedi mind tricks, thank you very much. http://threads.rebelscum.com/images/graemlins/wink.gif )

I also have a large bunch of 25th Anniversary GI Joe figures (all loose but complete) available, as well as some TMNT toys. Here's a link to my thread over at He-Man.org: