View Full Version : FS:VOTC/ VSTC sets + more! Minty mint! W:Gtr gear!

08-20-2010, 05:50 PM
It's been a while since I've sold anything on Rebelscum but I thought I'd give it a go before eBay and hopefully help some fellow scummers out.
Everything is mint in package (on the card, ect) or near mint. They've been in my closest for a while.
Prices as marked, shipping price depends on location.
Paypal only, and I will only ship within the lower 48.

Please email me at solo89_678@hotmail.com
That goes straight to my iPhone and I'm more likely to respond throught that avenue the fastest.

I'm also looking for some guitar pedals so if you have any of the pedals listed below, i'll be willing to trade/deal.
Looking for:
Boss DD-5
Micro Pog
Fulltone Supa-Trem
Line 6 Verbzilla

Clone Wars : $4 for basic, $7 for deluxe
Anakin Skywalker
ARC Trooper (blue)
Durge with Swoop Bike
Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike
Clone Trooper Army 3-pack (red) -
Destroyer Droid Battle Launcher
Asajj Ventress
Mace Windu
General Grievous
Anakin (Battle Damage) - $4 each
ARC Trooper (red)
Clone Trooper (Yellow)
Clone Trooper (Red)

Commemorative Dvd Sets - $7 each
Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi

Original Trilogy Collection
Vintage Collection : All 12, and I don't want to break the set up.
Boba Fett - $100 for the set

Vintage Collection - $50 for the set, and I don't want to break up.
Luke (pilot)
Tusken Raider
Endor Han
Biker Scout

Otc Tie Fighter : $20

Exclusives and Variants: $7 each unless otherwise noted
Target Darth Vader (Lava)
Target Clone Trooper x2 (one is a package variant)
Target Darth Vader Duel on Mustafar
Target Obi-wan Duel on Mustafar
Target Utapau Shadow Trooper (I might have 2)
Covert Ops Clone Trooper
Toys R Us Holographic Palpatine
Toys R Us Holographic Yoda
Celebration III Darth Vader - $20
#35 Palpatine (Blue saber variant)
#6 Shocktrooper variant
#34 Clone Pilot (black variant)
#38 Anakin Dark Eyed variant
Target General Grievous - $7
George Lucas Stormtrooper - $30 (sealed never taken out of white box)
501st Stormtrooper (SDCC) - $15
Shadow Stormtrooper (starwars.com exclusive) - $10

Evolutions - $20 each
Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper
Anakin to Darth Vader -
The Sith

Vehicles : $10 each
Wookie Flier

Battlepacks - $12 each
Jedi vs. Darth Sidious
Skirmish at the Senate

Unleashed - $15 each
Target exclusive Vader, Luke, and Grievous

08-21-2010, 01:13 AM
pm sent