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08-16-2010, 04:50 PM
Hello scummers http://threads.rebelscum.com/images/graemlins/smile.gif
I have all the Freeze frame figures carded. Not all are mint sadly as I kinda just wanted a carded version of all of em. I do have a mint Sandtrooper. The Wequay I have is not mint and tri logo. I also have both versions of the R2 w death start and imperial on the slide. And on top of that I have the Viewer w 2 slides and 1 slide holder.
I would love to get $200+ shipping for the lot but I am realistic and if need be I will split them up and just starting keeping some I like and selling the ones I figure might get cherry picked.
So. if anybody has interest please let me know. Shipping would be rough as it is like 58 figures and the viewer. I would want to protect them best I could.
Anyhow drop me a line with any questions and so on and we will see what we can see.
As for the trade side of things I would like Hot toys iron man stuff.
But that isn't happening. Just in case though..worth a shot http://threads.rebelscum.com/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Good luck on your seeking and thanks for stopping by


08-17-2010, 11:37 AM
any interest out there? I would be happy with $60.00 for the sandtrooper

08-20-2010, 07:49 AM
I would hang on to that sandtrooper. I have two and the at-st driver and tiefighter pilot freeze frame. These are the rare ones and the obvious weequay!