View Full Version : FS: Model kits and more!

07-17-2010, 12:30 AM
Here are bunch of Star Wars and Star Trek models I need to get rid of...so they are priced to GO! All models are complete in ziplock baggies unless noted. Shipping is generally between $3-5 per item. PM if interested! Paypal only, please.

1/1400 AMT Cardassian Galor $25
Adversaries set Romulan Warbird $15
2x Ferengi Maraudar $8 for both
1x Adversaries BoP $10
1/1400 AMT Klingon Vor'cha $15
1/850 Bandai NX-01 $80
1/1700 Bandai Enterprise E $90 (still in box!)
1/72 Fine Molds X-Wing $30 (still in box!)
1/1400 Kazon Raider from Voyager 3-piece set $7
Revell Jedi Starfighter (Obi-wan, Clone Wars) $13
Revell V-19 $13
MPC X-Wing $10
small Resin Romulan Valdore Cruiser (Larson Designs from Ebay) $10
1/537 AMT Klingon K'Tinga $20 (still in box!)
F-Toys vIII Jedi Starfighter $8
F-Toys vIII Trade Federation AAT $8
F-Toys vIII B-Wing $8
Diamond Select DS9 Captain Sisko $8
De Agostini Trade Federation Battleship MIB no book $8
De Agostini Nebulon B MIB complete $10
Collectors Fleet Rebel Blockade Runner (works!!) $38

Bust-Ups $5 ea
Series 5 Luke Skywalker
Series 5 Luke Skywalker HOLOGRAM
Series 5 Darth Vader #6643
Series 5 AT-AT Driver #6643
Series 4 Emperor Palpatine #7539
Series 4 Clone Trooper

Johnny Lightning Enterprise D (Genereations) $5
Johnny Lightning Majestic $5
Hot Wheels Dark Knight Batmobile $5
Star Wars Stamp Image Postcards (jumbo) $5
Action Fleet A-Wing Green $5
Action Fleet Sandcrawler $5
Action Fleet Republic Gunship $10 shipped
Action Fleet Slave I Boba’s $5
Action Fleet Slave I Jango’s $5
Action Fleet Virago $5
Bust Ups Crimson Empire Pack $5
Art Asylum Star Trek Hirogen Borg $6