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All items on my list are OR BEST OFFER. See the price, don’t like it, pm me and work a deal with me. Trades are welcome. All are loose complete unless noted. Pics available upon request. Shipping is additional unless noted. Paypal preferred as a gift payment, or you can pay the fees. Either way works for me. Now on to the stuff!

--Star Wars figures

Comic Pack Leia Infinities in poncho 3 PENDING
Commander Keller from comic pack x1 6 PENDING

POTJ Obi Wan JedI Training 3
POTJ Obi Wan Cold Weather 3

CW04 Realistic Style Durge…missing backpack. 7

OTC Cloud Car Pilot 3 PENDING
OTC Slave Leia 4 PENDING

ROTS Plo Koon Hologram 3
ROTS Saesee Tiin 2
ROTS Agen Kolar 3
ROTS Green Clone Commander 3
ROTS AT RT Driver 3

Saga 06 Snowtrooper 3
Saga 06 Star Corps clone from Aayla BP….reverse pauldron 5
Saga 06 Commander Cody 3 PENDING

TAC Darth Malak 18 PENDING
TAC JedI Luke 3
TAC Clone Pilot from the Arc 170 BP 3
TAC Commander Gree 3

*Legacy Yarna….you know you want her cuz of the Jabba coming out! 3 PENDING

--Star Wars Vehicles NOTE…some of these are pictured in link below

*Jango Fett Slave 1 30
*Darth Vader Sith Starfighter 15

Star Wars vehicle fodder, parts and near completes $1 and up Take all for 25 plus shipping http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d166/jeditaz27/Star%20Wars%20Vehicles%20and%20Parts%20Fodder/
Saga Trash Compactor Scene floor only. May have the other tidbits…just ask 10
***several other near complete vehicles and playsets in the link above***

--Titan AE

2 walker type vehicle things….missing the big gaudy missile thing on the top, but would look great as custom star wars scout walkers. 1 each

--Resident Evil 3

Palisades Stars Uniform Chris Redfield. Has Shotgun, pistol, grenade launcher, plant, and one Uzi. May be able to find the alternate hand as well, but no guarantee ….cant get a figure on what its worth at all on eBay. Lots of active listings, but none ended at the moment. 10 Pending

--Marvel Legends (all loose)

****TAKE ALL ML figures below for 55 plus shipping!********

*Cyber Spider Man wicked cool….silver and red version 25
*Movie Spider Man Highly Articulated 7
ML Iron Man Ultimate…missing one shin guard 2
Legendary Comic Heroes Patriot 2
Unleahsed 360 Black Costume Spidey (movie) 3
Arachne Spider woman variant (black costume) 6
Sinister 3
Ronin no Clint head 3

****TAKE ALL ML figures above for 55 plus shipping!********


--Marvel Universe

Spidey Red and Blue 2

Superman 4
Superman Blue 5

--Batman Dark Knight

Movie Masters Batman (DK) regular 4

-Batman Begins

Tumbler vehicle 8

-DC Infinite Heroes

Superman black symbol 2
Lex Luthor (in armor) 4
Lex troopers from TRU battle for Metropolis x3 2 each

--Transformers All Eras
*Sky Lynx Shuttle only great shape, some slight discoloration, but not very noticeable 20
*Omega Sentinel Energon, missing feet flaps, one ear (arm for headmaster), back panels that open and close, and missiles. 60
*SW Transformers Commander Cody/Turbo Tank 8
*Movie 1 Bumblebee missing little shoulder yellow piece…hardly even noticeable 8
*ROTF Deadlift LMC from the Walmart 2 pack 6 PENDING
Energon Deluxe sized Optimus Prime from 2 pack 15
Fodder….see images http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d166/jeditaz27/Junk%20pit/
G1 Highbrow missing cockpit, head, weapons 7 see images http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d166/jeditaz27/Junk%20pit/Transformers%20cards/g1%20Highbrow/
Unleashed Bumblebee 3 PENDING
Universe Sideburn missing missile…may find it tho 7
Cybertron Excellion 6
HTS Exclusive Universe Megatron G1 colored tank. Loose with box and inserts. 10 PENDING
KO Star Saber and Victory Leo Robot Masters Sized 2 for the set
G1 Thrust Body only 1 PENDING
Cybertron Lugnutz 2

--Transformers instructions and paperwork-- (ALL ARE OBO! Not sure of the going rates for these, so if they are off, let me know!)

Cybertron Blurr Instructions 1
Cybertron Ransack Instructions 1
Cybertron Sideways Instructions 1
Cybertron Crosswise Instructions 1
Universe Sideburn Instructions 1
G1 Megatron KO instructions 1
Dai Atlas KO instructions 3
Universe Micromaster First Aid instructions 1
MegaSCF Victory Leo and Star Saber combo instructions 1
G1 Reissue Ricochet Instructions 2
G1 Reissue Rodimus Prime Instructions 3

Gojulas Giga MIB, been opened, but never put together 10 PENDING

--GI Joe 25th and ME

25th Complete Mass Device with cart with elements, and tan Element tube from Tripwire. Weather dominator as well. 40
ROC Ice Sabre vehicle only 9
ROC Rockslide from TGT pack vehicle only 3
ROC/POC Sting Raider vehicle only 12
Weather Dominator 2
Mass Device Turret 1

*25th Resolute Duke Single Card carded 6
*25th Baroness 1st 5 pack 15
*25th Quick Kick 15
*25th Mindbender 5
*25th Gung Ho 8
*25th Gung Ho from comic Pack 8
*25th Major Bludd from 5 pack 7
*25th Zartan from 5 pack 8
*25th Dusty 15
ROC Naval Neo Viper x3 2 each
ROC Paris Pursuit Storm Shadow 2 Pending
ROC Heavy Duty (fatigues) 2 Pending
25th Tripwire 3
25th Legions Cobra Commander 3
25th Torch from comic pack 5
25th Snow Job 3
25th Tiger Force Flint 2

--GI Joe Vintage and vintage style

Skystorm X Wing Chopper complete 6 PENDING
Snow Cat Ski Missiles (yellow missiles only) x2 1 each
Devilfish Torpedo 1
Tiger Storm Copter from VvsV 1
Cobra Rat missing one Spinner missile thing 4
Vintage parts in link below the lists!


Set of 4 Turtles and main weapons from the newer series (2002 era). Raph PENDING, Don, Mike, Leo 12 can break up for 4 each OBO, savings is if you get all 4!
Shredder from same series with chromed armor and removeable helmet 5
Foot Tech Ninja with 2 swords 4
Foot Heavy Gunner guy….not sure on name missing gun 3
Usagi from new series 4

*****TAKE ALL TURTLES Items above FOR 15!!!


PICS>>>>>> http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d166/jeditaz27/Video%20Games/


Mario Bros/Duck Hunt 2
Mario 3 3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
Al Unser Turbo Racing 1
Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout 2 PENDING
Bad Dudes 2
Uncanny X Men 2
T&C Surf Designs Wood and Water Rage 1
720 Degree Skate Board 1
GI Joe Atlantis Factor 9 PENDING

*********TAKE ALL NES FOR 15 !!!!!!!!!!!!! PENDING


Super Star Wars 3 PENDING
Super Return of the JedI 3 PENDING
Jungle Strike 1 PENDING

********TAKE ALL SNES FOR 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PENDING

--VINTAGE PARTS!!!!!! and near complete stuff from MASK, Star Wars, GI Joe MOTU ETC…..take a look at pics in the link below…too much to just list!


I will have a list of modern parts up shortly. I have a ton to go through. I mean a ton. My attic is filled. If you can think of something you need, please get in touch with me. I may have it.

Feedback can be found easily in the following links….




Feedback can also be found on Yojoe.com, TNI, Allspark and Collectorsrefuge.com!

Onto my wants!



**I need 2 arms or a whole bot of either Cybertron Defense Scattorshot or his many repaints

PRIORITY-----------------------Transformers Wants----------------------PRIORITY

Transformers Classics and 2.0(or Henkei!) and newer type stuff thrown in

Custom Fodder….lmk what ya got!
*Encore Sky Lynx
*Sky Lynx Lynx portion. Does not have to work, but want all limbs attached.
Knight Morpher (Hearts of Steel Optimus)
DIA Commander armor/trailer
Roadbuster kit for Universe classics Roadbuster
Fans Project Bruticus appendages both
Fans Project Superion add on set
Fans Project Shadow Commander or KO armor


Masterpeice Grimlock (TRU version)

Let me know what else you have...I may need it

Vintage GI Joe vehicles...or if there is modern equivalents lmk
Night Raven
possibly other 1:18 non joe vehicles....lmk what you have
What else do you have,.....let me know I may just take it in a trade so you can get what you need!

Right Side tread cover
2 grenade launchers

--Phantom X 19
2 sliderails for cockpit
Cockpit windshield
Fin right side if you are the pilot

Mint Cockpit cover...mines not bad, but would not mind finding a minty one
2 Chutes....not a biggie, but if you have one.

--Crusader Space Shuttle
Right side wing
Unused sticker sheet, can be repro

Rear rotor

Bubble pod cover for bottom vehicle
1 flip out footstand thing

--Hammer or JVC Brawler

--------------------------ME/25th wants------------------

Sigma 6 Dragonhawk
ROC Dragonhawk
25th and ROC Parts lots (let me know what ya have)
ANY POC stuff…lmk what ya got!

-----------------------Hellboy 2 3 and ¾ inch------------------


------------------------Star Wars Wants---------------------

Phase 1 Clones (AOTC style, SA only!) x many
R2-R5 from Saga Tin collection Episode one Red Droid
Legacy Concept Snowtrooper
Legacy Plour Ilo and Dllr Nep comic pack
Magnaguard Starfighter
Ahsoka's Jedi Starfighter

---------------------Marvel Universe Wants------------------------

AIM Soldier
Doom and Absorbing Man pack
Ms Marvel classic
Blonde Variant Black Widow
Iceman (3 pack version)
Deadpool Deluxe set from Wolverine Origins
fodder figures

---------------------Iron Man 2 and 3 ¾ inch Spidey wants-------------------------------


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