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05-18-2010, 08:18 PM
Well, here I am buying figures I thought were gone then BAM! I find them all in 2 boxes-stored in their cases so.... here you go! Since I was not able to sell these as a group-I am selling individually. Prices include shipping:

Target Exclusive Lava Vader in case- 20.00
Target Exclusive Clone Trooper in case- 15.00
Target Exclusive Utapau Shadow Trooper in case-15.00

SWS.COM Shadow Stormtrooper in case- 12.00

VOTC Darth Vader in case-12.00

McQuarrie Vader-15.00

C3 Talking Vader in case- 20.00

POTJ Vader Emperors Wrath-10.00
POTJ Dagobah Vader-10.00
POTF Vader with helmet off (original unmasked Vader)-10.00

SDCC 501st Trooper w/case- 15.00
SDCC Holographic Princess Leia(no gunes) w/case- 15.00
SDCC CLone Wars Senate Security- 15.00

ROTS CMD Gree (ROTS pkg)-10.00
ROTS CMD Baccara (ROTS pkg)-10.00
ROTS CMD Bly (ROTS pkg)-10.00
ROTS 501st Trooper (ROTS pkg)-10.00
ROTS Battle Damaged Anakin (ROTS pkg)-10.00
ROTS Palpatine w/red saber (ROTS pkg)-10.00
ROTS Darth Vader (ROTS pkg)-10.00
ROTS General Grievous Preview (ROTS pkg)-10.00

Saga Scorch w/case-20.00
Saga CMD Cody-10.00
Saga Holographic Emperor Executor Transmission w/case-15.00
Saga Holographic Darth Maul-15.00
Saga Holographic Count Dooku-15.00

TAC Holographic Darth Vader-10.00
TAC Darth Vader (anakin version)-10.00
TAC Force Unleashed Battle Damaged Darth Vader-20.00

Best Buy Vader Unleashed(circular Tube pkg) 20.00

Comes out to 4.00 per figure shipped

05-20-2010, 12:10 AM
Lowered price by 25.00!!!

05-24-2010, 08:49 AM
Updated pricing and a bump!