View Full Version : R5D4 Harcopy For Sale

01-19-2010, 05:32 AM
Hi All

I am looking to sell some of my HC's, this is 1 of my modern fav's.


This is a Modern painted hardcopy. It's actually an alternate sculpt with the antenna on the wrong side. There are also a couple of other minor sculpting differences and several different paint highlights.
Without a doubt it's the nicest modern Star Wars hardcopy I have ever seen.

$750 US

Please email me at slingshot69@hotmail.com for quality pictures if interested.

I live in Perth Western Australia so shipping will be on top.

I am also looking to sell other HC's, First Shots and Mock UPS from different toy lines, including Star Wars, Wolverine, Alien, Hulk etc that I have in my collection.

Thanks Daz