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12-11-2009, 11:33 AM
Shipping not included

Potato Heads- 10 each
Luke Frywalker
Yam Solo
Princess Tater
Artoo Potato

12" Sideshow figures These are loose- but complete
Kit Fisto Exclusive w/ Battle Droid Head- 40
Plo Koon -40
Bib Fortuna 30 - (no stand)
Endor Pathfinder 30 (no stand)

Have the following carded clones for sale - 5.00 each except where noted can post pictures if needed-- shipping extra- not a carded collector to guage condition but most are in good shape.

Clone Trooper Heroes & Villains #5
Black Clone Pilot Heroes & Villains #6
Commander Bacara Clone Heroes & Villains
501 Legion Trooper Clone Great Battles
Shock Trooper Clone Greatest Battles #11
AT-TE Tank Gunner Greatest Battles #2
Clone Commander Greatest Battles #14 Red (damaged card)
2003 Silver CLone Trooper
Clone Commander Greatest Battles #14 Green
Saga Shadow Stormtrooper Exclusive (10.00)
442nd Seige Batt. Clone Trooper #57
Clone Trooper Sergeant #60 AOTC
5th Fleet Security Clone Trooper #59
Clone Combat Engineer Trooper #68 Star Wars Figure Saga Clone Commander Appo #64 ROTS (10.00)
Saga Legends Clone Trooper ROTS
Saga Legends Clone Shock Trooper
30th Clone 7th Legion Trooper #49 ROTS
30TH Clone Galactic Marine 02 UGH Gold

Also I have the following magazines and Calendars available for a 1.00 each (+ shipping)-- all I have are group pictures but I can take others if you need them

Toy Shop Annual '93, Collecting Figures #43,54, Star Wars Galaxy Collector #1, Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #8,9,10,11 (these may not include the posters that they were packaged with)


5 TV Guides, Jet Magazine (Mace), Cracked #155, Nickleodean, Star Wars Generation #1, Pizzaz #1, 2 Poster Mags, Wired, Star Wars Magazine, Time, Becket Football #184, Advance Comics #58, Previews Feb 2005, Feb 2002 Aug 1995


Entertainment Weekly #813, Vanity Fair Feb 1999, Premeire Magazine (2 Covers) May 1999, Cinescope #57, Space Wars -May 1979, Starlog Poster Mag #8, Sci Fi People-25th Anniversary Special, Starlog #37, Science Fiction Villians


Electronic Gaming Monthly Nov 92,Aug 94, May 99 (torn cover), Computer Gaming World #207, PC Gamer June 96, Nintendo Power #53, Game Now #24, X-Box #44


Starburst- Specials 69 & 52 -Regular 226, SFX#1000, Empire- April 1997. Total Film Issue #102 ,108 (guide missing)..


Episode 1 2000 Super Large Calendar (will have to ship rolled or folded due to size.) 2000 Planner (small), 1997 20th Anniversary (still wrapped), 2006 Poster , 2003 Droids Locker, 2 2000 July Planners (Ep. 1), 1999 Darth Vader, 2005 Vehicles, 2002 Good vs. Evi1, 2000 Episode 1, 2006 - Revenge of the Sith, 2004 Classic Adventures, 2008- 30th Anniversary- Still Wrapped, 2001- Jedi Forces, 1997 Art of Star Wars- Still wrapped


Coloring and Activity Books there are 15 overall and are in various states- some are used or partially used and some are brand new-- Some are vintage while others were purchased last year


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pm sent on the coloring books.

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bump for a bunch of new items

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PM sent on 12"ers....

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Pm'd ya!

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Payment sent... Imperial Gunner, Tie Pilot, Bossk, Darth Vader, AT AT driver, Geonosian ... Thanks Much

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Great experience. Answered my email promptly and shipped very quickly and the figures are great. Thanks