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11-21-2009, 10:18 PM
Hey rebelscummer's!!!

I have this bunch of STAR WARS figures for sale.

Here is the list:

POWER OF THE FORCE figures all are $3.00 a piece.

tie fighter (POTF version) with gun
stormtrooper (POTF version) no gun
at-st driver (POTF version) no gun
Yakface no weapon
Stormtrooper (BLASTER DAMAGE) with blaster and gun rack
Biker Scout (POTJ version) with original weapon
Darth Vader with interrogator droid (from battlepack)
Sandtrooper (POTJ version Tatooine Patrol)
Santrooper (POTF version)
Jawa two-pack (POTF Version) no weapons
Hoth Soldier with backpack unique version from target deluxe pack

The rest of the figures are priced individually.

Commander Bacara w/clone blaster - $4.00

Super Battle Droid (brown in color) with accessories - $6.00
(droid figure from comic pack with clone commando)

Yoda (new clone wars version) with lightsaber and blue missile - $4.00

Clone Trooper (new clone wars) yellow markings w/weapon - $4.00

Clone Trooper (new clone wars) Red markings w/weapon - $4.00

Clone Trooper (new clone wars) Green Markings w/weapon - $4.00

Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars version) knees bend w/lightsaber - $4.00

Obi-wan (Clone Wars version) w/lightsaber and back pack - $6.00

Darth Maul shirtless with double-bladed lightsaber - $6.00

IG-88 VOTC with long rifle - $3.00

AT-TE GUNNER w/weapon - $4.00

Yoda from senate battle pack w/ lightsaber - $4.00

Senate Guards version 1 w/weapon - $4.00

Sandtrooper (w/weapon, animal stick, and with Dewback (POTF) - $10.00

Luminara Unduli w/lightsaber (Order 66 Version) - $5.00

Padme Amidala Wedding Gown version - $3.00

Emperor (Order 66 Version) - $4.00

Darth Sidious (Order 66 Version) - $4.00

Han Solo Hoth Outfit (Target Hoth Battlepack version) - $4.00

Obi-wan Kenobi ( Order 66 Version) - $3.00

Mace Windu (Attack battalion version) - $3.00

Darth Vader return of the jedi version saga 2006 - $3.00

Female Tusken raider no child figure - $3.00

Major Derlin (Target Hoth Battlepack version) - $4.00

Endor Rebel Soldier (2002 Bearded version) no weapon - $3.00

DJAS PUHR (Alien Bounty Hunter) - $4.00

Destroyer Droid with missiles - $3.00

Shadow Guard prototype with lightsaber - $5.00

Okay shipping is free for the holidays until January 2010!

I only charge for a paypal fee if paying with paypal.

I accept money orders but only postal or western union.

Any questions send me a pm.

Looking for deals send me a pm.

Best regards to all and May the force be with with you.

11-25-2009, 04:47 PM
Prices reduced!!!!!

Check it out want a deal send me a pm!!!