View Full Version : C4 30th, B&W print poster, O Pix, what is it???!!

11-18-2009, 01:58 AM
Hello all, hopefully someone reads this. I bought this poster at C4 in LA, I think the lady told me there were only 100 of these printed?? As soon as they laid them out, people were scooping them up, they were 30 bucks, I guess for 30th anniversarry. I have not seen them anywhere! not on ebay, not on other sites, nowhere. can someone give me some more insight as to what I have here. Its in very good condition, not mint mint as it has just some very very small bend marks on it from travel back from la. here are the details

it is 16x20 size. all black background, with the 30th logo with luke and leia on front standing on top of the 30 with his light saber going upwards into the middle of the star wars logo. its so cool,.

on the bottom right corner it says officialpix.com 2007 lucasfilm ltd and tm, all rights reserved.

on the back:

it is stamped with FUJIFILM watermarks throughout and is on fujicolor crystal archives paper, which is also watermarked throughout.

there is a serial number type code stamped on it on the back that reads:

050107A BB29@0500107a_c4-16x20.100.ppm

now i take it that means May 01 2007, $29 Celebration 4.

what do you all make of this, and if you want to see pics you can email me at

chris@blueharvestproperties.com and i can email to you, thanks for your help.